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Natalie Clauss

A sleep consultant introduces herself

...For what feels like the hundredth time, I get up, walk exhausted up the stairs, enter my 6-month-old son's room and take him out of bed crying. I sit down with him in the chair next to his crib. Crying turns into sobbing and he has already calmed down and falls asleep as if nothing has happened. I carefully put him back in his bed, but he notices immediately and starts crying again and I, his mom, don't understand why he just won't sleep alone....

At that time, the knowledge of today would have simplified many things for me and I could have enjoyed the first year much more with my son. My gut feeling about sleep was partially suppressed by outside opinions and my insecurity was fueled.

After my son was born, my family was in the same situation as the families I assist with my sleep counseling these days. I can very well relate to the family's state of exhaustion, frustration, despair and insecurity because I was once at that point myself. Of course, I prepared intensively for the birth and yet everything turned out differently.

Through my qualification as a daycare worker for children under 3, my advanced training, my experiences through my baby classes and finally my training as a sleep consultant with Sibylle Lüpold, director of 1001kindernacht, I am now on my way to make this journey easier for families.

I lead the "Baby fit" and "Understanding babies better" courses in the midwife practice Edewecht and in the midwife practice Oldenburg. The courses are very close to my heart. It quickly became clear that the number one topic and problem was sleeping. That's how I came to complete a training as a sleep consultant for babies and toddlers.

The consultation takes place in the families home or if the distance is too great via video chat. The focus is on a holistic, individual and attachment-oriented sleep consultation. The initial consultation lasts about 90 minutes and includes the creation of a sleep guide adapted to the family.

I follow a holistic concept of 1001kindernacht, which is always adapted to the individual stage of development of the baby or toddler, but also influencing environmental factors, as well as the personal needs, demands and opinions of the parents are taken into account.

The concept of 1001kindernacht consists of seven important pillars: a bonding-oriented, child-oriented, holistic, long-term meaningful, sensitive, emphatic, individual, appreciative and most importantly professionally competent sleep counseling. The development of a secure parent-child bond is supported and no child or baby is left alone if it is not yet ready, nor is it left to cry. Parents are encouraged to take sensitive care of their child. Short-term and quick changes in sleep behavior are not the goal. Together with the family, an individual solution is sought that is best for the child and the family in the long term. In doing so, the wishes and suggestions of all family members will be taken into account in an appreciative manner. The recommendations in the sleep consultation are based on scientific studies and are sensitively brought to the families.

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