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About the importance of newborn milk (colostrum).

Colostrum, the so-called newborn milk, is specially adapted to the needs of a baby shortly after birth and acts like a first, completely natural vaccination.

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Colostrum is relatively thick. It is often yellow, although a wide range of colors from brown to bluish is perfectly normal. Newborn milk contains more proteins, minerals and fat-soluble vitamins compared to later milk.

It is particularly easy to digest because it is lower in fat. This helps in the transition from direct supply via the umbilical cord to breast milk nutrition.

Colostrum also contains a particularly large number of substances that are important for the immune system. The immunocompetent cells and immunoglobolins attach themselves to the intestinal wall and henceforth protect the intestine against infections. The "healthy" bacteria thus prevent the colonization of pathogenic, pathological bacteria.

In this way, the colostrum also promotes the excretion of meconium, the so-called "infant saliva". If the meconium is excreted, this prevents neonatal jaundice.

Colostrum is also important for stabilizing blood glucose levels, and it helps prevent hypoglycemia. This aspect is particularly important for newborns of diabetic mothers and it may make sense to take some colostrum before birth.

Since colostrum is of such great importance, it makes sense that even mothers who do not want to breastfeed at least give their child colostrum, because it is available anyway. On the one hand, this can be done directly at the breast, that is, quite classically, or it can be fed elsewhere, after it has been emptied from the breast by hand.

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