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Natalie Clauss

AI3 von Teby's Cradle

Diaper information/description

Die Stoffwindel Culla di Teby aus verschiedenen Seitenansichten.

The cloth diaper Culla di Teby belongs to the system of All-In-3 diaper (AI3), which means that it consists of three different parts: the outer shell, the inner tub and the absorbent pad. The manufacturer is based in Italy. The Culla di Teby is a multi-size diaper, which means it has limited growth. It is available in three different sizes, S, M and L. According to my research, S goes from 2.5 to 5.5kg, M from 5 to 11kg, and L from 10 to 17kg. Both cloth and disposable inserts are available from the manufacturer as absorbent pads, making it a hybrid diaper as well. The abdominal width is adjusted to the child using Velcro and closes at the back, just like the gDiaper. Elastic cuffs are sewn to the legs and tummy and back, and the rest of the outer shell is also elastic. The inner tub is fastened with four snaps. The snaps have thereby different colors, so that it is buttoned in the right way around. Price-wise, the diaper is in the complete package at 26,90€. The parts are also available individually. Here, the individual purchase also makes sense, since significantly more soak pads than outer diapers and inner tubs are needed. The advantage of the AI3 system is that often only the soaker pad needs to be changed.

To buy there is the tested cloth diaper over the on-line Shop Here it gives it in the most diverse remarks already starting from 21,95€.

Material of the cloth diaper

Die Einzelteile der Stoffwindel Culla di Teby.

The outer shell is made of cotton jersey, which means it is 94% cotton and 6% spandex. The spandex content causes the elasticity of the diaper, whereby it should adapt to the child as well as possible. It is completely double stitched. Further, it has a relatively wide cuff on the abdomen. Velcro fasteners are sewn into the front of the abdomen and back, so that the other laundry in the washing machine, as well as the diaper itself are protected. Inside are two snaps in the front and two in the back, which use different colors to indicate how the inner tub should be used.

The inner tub is made of polyester, which is coated with polyurethane (PU) on the inside. This gives the inner tub its wetness-protecting function. At the sides it closes with cuffs as serging, so that the leakage of stool or urine is to be prevented. At the front of the abdomen, the inner tub does not have a cuff, but here the leakage of urine must not be prevented. The inner tub is available two sizes.

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As an absorbent material, the manufacturer offers both cloth inserts and disposable inserts. We tested the cloth insert. This has two different sides. One side is made of 100% polyester, which is processed here into a very soft microfleece. The absorbent core is also made of polyester. The second side consists of 56% bamboo viscose, 24% cotton and 20% polyethylene. Just like the inner tub, the absorbent pads are also available in two sizes. Size 1 is suitable for size S of the outer diaper, size 2 is suitable for size M and L of the outer diaper.

Die Saugeinlage der Stoffwindel Culla di Teby.

Cloth diaper Culla di Teby In test

We tested size M at 11kg. So at 11kg, we were already at the upper end of the recommended weight range. The fit was very good. The inner tub was well fitting, so that the clothes did not draw moisture. In addition, no marks were visible even after prolonged wear. The outer diaper also fit well, although this is not mandatory with the AI3 system. We tested the cloth diaper with a cloth absorbent pad. Here, the absorbency was good and it usually lasted a good three hours until it was saturated. Here it always depends on how much was drunk and whether perhaps also kept. But it would also be possible to use another absorbent pad. The closure with Velcro at the back was initially a bit unusual, but was otherwise easy to use. Especially for holding off I found this pleasant.

Washing / Drying

Washing the diaper is uncomplicated, and usually only the absorbent pad needs to be washed, since the outer cover and the inner tub are usually not contaminated. Drying on the line of the outer cover and inner tub was very fast, even in winter, and took about a day. The soaker liner took about two days to dry completely.

Conclusion of the test

The Culla di Teby was a great fit in our case. The fit was very good, and I find the designs appealing. In addition, the diaper is already available through many German stores, so there are no additional shipping costs from abroad. The absorbency is good, but can also be adjusted individually. I can recommend the cloth diaper without further ado!

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