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Natalie Clauss

Aspects of child development

Actually from the moment of the positive pregnancy test, everyone talks about a development, at the latest from birth, this development is just no longer only through ultrasound, but visible to all. But how do babies actually develop? Into which areas can development be divided? How can I support my child? Or does that even make sense? I would like to go into all these aspects in the next few blog articles, overall I will mainly refer to the infant period and the first years.

But before I describe the development in the individual areas, I would like to ask, what characterizes development at all? Development, what is that actually? I did some more research for this and came across the definitions of Werner and Piaget, who describe development as a process in stages leading to differentiation and refinement. In slightly different terms, development is always a process of change that always builds on the preceding stage.

While there is no regression or skipping of stages, development does not always follow at the same pace, but it is continuous. The more complex the learning processes become, the longer they take. Moreover, the skills learned must always be consolidated first. This aspect becomes clear at the latest in the development of movement. The stages therefore build on each other. Roughly speaking, they can also be assigned to age groups, although each child is also different here and there is therefore also a large variance in each developmental step.

The individual developmental stages, which I share so beautifully in the following articles, are of course not separate in real life. In reality, they are in great interaction with each other and influence each other. However, I will refer to this every now and then. Development, by the way, happens all by itself in most cases if we don't stop our babies from doing it. All babies learn to walk at some point, we don't have to pull them up or take them by the hand. It is like an inner program that runs. Learning to walk is significant for every child because it brings benefits. The goals of each developmental area are always significant for our babies, otherwise they probably wouldn't learn it with such persistence.

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