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Natalie Clauss

Babylonia Flexia

For some time now, there has been a trend towards modular or construction box carrier aids that can be easily converted. Here, different sizes or even different types of carriers can be selected. Now I was allowed to test such a carrier again: Babylonia Flexia.

Information about the carrier and the manufacturer

Babylonia is a Belgian manufacturer that offers various parent-child products in its online store. In addition to various baby carriers, toys and clothing are also available.

The baby carrier is available in one size and the manufacturer writes that it can be used from 0 to 4 years. Ultimately, however, it is a baby carrier with three different sizes, whereby it is simply converted and not the entire carrier must be replaced.

Price-wise, the baby carrier is just under 150€ and thus belongs to the middle price range of baby carriers. It is the Babylonia Flexia a full-buckle baby carrier, it is completely to buckle. The straps can not be replaced here, only the back parts.

Babylonia Flexia. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts.Babylonia Flexia. Detailaufnahme der Träger.

The belly strap is slightly tapered, meaning it is slightly wider in the front than the sides. It is firmly padded and is closed in the middle with the help of a "safety buckle". The back parts are slightly padded at the level of the back of the knees.

The straps are soft and relatively thickly padded. They can be tightened by three straps. The two adjustments at the bottom run in different directions, so that adjusting should be easier in the front and on the back. The straps are attached to the side of the back section, which could cause increased pressure on the baby's back. At the same time, however, there are darts on the back part, which possibly minimize this pressure.

Babylonia Flexia. Detailaufnahme der ausgerollten Kopfstütze.

The connection buckle is variable in height, as is the attachment option for the headrest, which is located in a small pocket at the top of the back section.

Both the straps and the waist belt are lined on the inside with a mesh, a mesh-like fabric that should reduce sweating at the delivery points.

The back piece, as already described above, is included in three sizes: size 1 (0 to 3 months), size 2 (3 to 10 months) and size 3 (10 months to 4 years). It is attached with zippers on the straps and on the waist belt, so it can be changed easily. There are also snaps to secure it. In addition, the buckles of the straps on the back part still need to be opened. The web width is not adjustable within the different back sections.

When wearing

Babylonia Flexia. Ich trage meinen fast 4-jährigen Sohn auf dem Rücken.Babylonia Flexia. Ich trage meinen fast 4-jährigen Sohn vor dem Bauch.

In the test with my almost 4-year-old son with Gr.98/ 104 showed that the proportions of the back part do not fit well together. On the one hand, the bar width was already quite a bit too small, on the other hand, the back part was still well sufficient in height. He also said that it would pinch at the knees.

I had all the straps fully tightened in the front as well as on the back when wearing it. Without a baby bump, they would probably be too long for me. I could also tell that the pressure on my son's back was not fully redirected by the darts. I don't think this is ideal for newborns, as this was also evident with the demo doll, where pressure on the back should be minimal. In addition, in the test with my son, the belly strap tilted a bit, which I found uncomfortable.

Babylonia Flexia. Ich trage eine Neugeborenenpuppe vor dem Bauch.

From the wearing experience, the straps were comfortable on the shoulders. When wearing in front of the belly I would personally cross the straps, I find that more comfortable, although there were no pressure points even with straight straps. With the newborn doll, the smallest back part showed that the bar width was quite a bit too narrow. This made "pouching" much more difficult and the proportions between back part length and bar width did not fit here either. The pressure on the back was fine due to the darts at the low weight. I could not see a clear pull, although it may look different again with real baby.

Changing the back of the Babylonia Flexia

In this video you can see how to change the back part on this carrier.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 30 degrees. I recommend to close all buckles and zippers for washing.


Babylonia Flexia. Aufnahme der verschiedene Rückenteile versetzt aufeinander liegend.

I find the system of modular, growing carrying aid with different back parts in itself very good. However, in my opinion, adjustments would still have to be made here. The back parts are unfortunately not well-fitting in the proportions and important to me would also be an adjustable bar width, as well as an attachment option for the straps on the waist belt. Especially the smallest bag would have to be larger from the web width. From the wearing feeling I felt the stretcher as pleasant.

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