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Natalie Clauss

Close Parent Pop-In

The cloth diaper Pop-In from Close Parent I had included at the very beginning in the cloth diaper assortment and therefore had ample opportunity to test them on my son. Here I would like to tell you about some of my experiences.

Information about the manufacturer and description of the diaper

The manufacturer Close Parent, formerly just Close, was founded in 2004 in Great Britain by two mothers with a love for babywearing and cloth diapers. From Close Parent there is the baby carrier Caboo and the cloth diaper Pop-In in different variants.

Meanwhile, the manufacturer has also won various awards with its products. On the website you can also read that they pay special attention to sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Close Parent Pop-In. Detailaufnahme der Windel von der Seite, sodass die Beinbündchen erkennbar sind.Close Parent Pop-In. Aufnahme von oben, sodass das Rückenbündchen und der Bauchabschluss erkennbar sind.

The diaper Pop-In is a diaper of the SIO system(Snap-In-One). Here, the inserts in the outer diaper are attached with the help of snaps. However, in this cloth diaper, the outer diaper not only performs a wetness-protecting function, it also has a small fully sewn-in absorbent core.

The diaper described is a snap-in-one, what other types of diapers there are I have in my article cloth diaper systems [brief overview].

Two other inserts are used with snaps. The top insert here is only attached on one side. On the legs, the outer diaper has double leg cuffs. The bottom insert also has small elastics on the sides, which are supposed to provide a better shape and less leakage. Another elastic is on the outer diaper at the back.

Close Parent Pop-In. Detailaufnahme des Verschlusses auf Klett mit den Laschen, in den sich das Gegenklett zum Waschen befindet.Close Parent Pop-In. Aufnahme der aufgeklappten Windel, sodass sichtbar wird, wie die Einlagen in der Windel liegen.

Inside the outer diaper are tabs at the top and bottom respectively, into which the inserts are inserted. Thus, on the one hand, they can not slip, the snaps are covered by a layer of fabric, and on the other hand, so easy to insert additional inserts. The diaper is closed with Velcro. The counter Velcro for washing is easily hidden in a small pocket. The tested model is a one-size diaper, which grows in the waist height and can be adjusted there in height with two snaps.

According to the manufacturer, the one-size diaper should fit from 4 to 15kg. In terms of price, the Pop-In from Close Parent is around 25€ and is thus in the middle range of this system. The diaper is available in Germany, for example, through Stoffywelt, but many other German stores also carry them*.

It should be noted that you will need a correspondingly large number of diapers, since the outer diaper also contains an absorbent core and should be washed as soon as it gets wet.


Close Parent Pop-In. Aufnahme der Einzelteile der Windel, die Einlage liegen neben der Außenwindel.

The outer material of the diaper is made of polyurethane laminate (PUL), a coated polyester. The absorbent core, which is inserted with the help of snaps, is made of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton.

The inner insert is fastened with four snaps. However, since the front and back snap fasteners are different, it can only be inserted in one way. The upper insert is attached to the lower insert with only one snap. If necessary, other inserts or additional inserts can be used, but then they cannot be inserted with snaps.

Another variant of the diaper is Minkee. In Germany, however, much more often the bamboo variant is available, which is why I have described it here.

In the test

I tested the diaper on my son, who weighed between 9 and 11kg during the test period. In doing so, I set the snaps to change the waist height to the medium size. This has fit well in our case from the height. I could imagine, however, that the diaper could therefore even in the smallest setting some children with 4kg still be too big. Scope to the top was still available. The diaper left only very slight marks on the legs or back of my rather narrow son. In itself, the diaper wears little, it is easy to squeeze even in the crotch, so it does not restrict when playing.

The absorbency of the diaper has unfortunately not quite convinced me. My son likes to pee in a gush and keeps for it rather long. With a pee, the diaper was thus often already completely saturated or the clothes even drew wetness. Therefore, the Pop-In would not be a night diaper for us. Here I would have to put in any case additional inserts to ensure sufficient absorbency. Difficult is then but depending on the insert the exact termination of the cuffs.

Farewell to diapers online course

Learn how to make the transition from diaper to potty in my online course Goodbye to Diapers.

Close Parent has also developed special night boosters with more absorbency for nighttime use*. However, I have not tested these.


Washing the diaper is uncomplicated with use of the counter Velcro as protection for further washing. The Velcro must, however, be inserted quite accurately into the tabs provided for this purpose, which thereby wear out a bit in the long run. Drying is uncomplicated and fast due to the various individual parts.


Close Parent Pop-In. Ansicht der gesamten Windel von vorne

The Pop-In is for me a great day diaper, which is not particularly bulky. I find the absorbent core in the outer diaper unfavorable, because it means that the whole diaper always has to be washed. It would be better here, in my opinion, if it was made entirely of PUL.

The inserts are easy to insert due to the various snaps. If the diaper is also to be used at night, I would recommend either the appropriate night booster or additional inserts, if the cuffs then still close well*.

Different designs are available with the Pop-In cloth diaper, which I personally find appealing. I also find it nice that it is now available in many German cloth diaper stores.

The manufacturer has revised the diaper, so that the tested diaper is the V1 variant. In the new V2 variant, there are slight changes regarding the cut of the outer diaper and the inserts. Also, the old inserts are not compatible with the new outer diaper because the snaps have changed.

*Thisis an affilate link. If you purchase from the store, you will receive 5% off your first order and I will receive a small commission.
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