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Natalie Clauss

Didymos Lisca rainbow baby sling

I have the sling Lisca Rainbow in Gr.6 from the manufacturer Didymos already a few months and could therefore extensively test what I would like to share with you.

Overview of the sling

Cloth information and first impression

Didymos was founded in 1972 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Over the years, the manufacturer has continued to develop and expand. Thus, Didymos is probably the best-known manufacturer of baby slings in Germany today. By the way, Didymos is a real family business, which is now managed by the second generation of the Hoffmann family.

Der Farbverlauf des Didymos Lisca Regenbogen.

The sling is incredibly soft, as it was until now all Lisca slings, which I was allowed to touch and test. This is due in part to the special weave called herringbone weave. Herringbone weave is a variation of body weave, which is one of the three basic weaves for woven fabrics, along with plain weave and atlas weave.

This model was a limited edition from February 23, 2016, which means only a certain number of slings were woven and it will not be reproduced in the foreseeable future. The new price of the sling was 129€. It has a weight of 250g/m² and is one of the thickest Lisca slings. It is made of 100% cotton.

Die Fischgrat-Webung des Didymos Tragetuchs Lisca Regenbogen.

As the name suggests, the sling is woven in several colors from pink to orange, yellow, green and blue to pink again. The color transitions are softly designed, so that from a distance you have the impression that the colors flow into each other. The base color is black, which also makes the colors appear very intense.

The Didymos Lisca in the test while carrying

Meanwhile, I have tried the sling with different tying methods and I find all suitable even for heavier babies and toddlers, although multi-layer tying methods then support more and are therefore more comfortable. Even the wrap cross carrier or the simple backpack are but with a 12kg child no problem, only after about 1 ½ hours I got slight neck or shoulder tension. I found the Double Hammock the most comfortable, which I can tie well with me with a size 6.

Learn the wrap cross carry in my online course.

Learn the most important ways of tying the sling in my online course "Wickelkreuztrage".

I find the sling much more supportive than others with the same weight per unit area that I have tried.

Noah wird von mir im Einfachen Rucksack getragen. Ich trage mit dem Lisca Regenbogen von didymos.

When tightening, I was able to tighten well and the sling did not slip back in my hands. Due to the herringbone weave, it has a nice grip. I also did not have to retighten when wearing it for long periods of time.

It is also not prone to thread pulls, for example after almost a year I have not been able to find a single thread pull.


After I bought the Lisca, I washed it by hand. In doing so, the fabric hardly released any color to the water. Staining sometimes occurs the first time you wash it (similar to new clothing), but was not a noticeable issue here.

It is robust and can certainly be washed in the washing machine, also because it is a sling made of pure cotton (basically, please always follow the washing instructions!). Even after several washes I could not see any pilling on the cloth, the colors are not faded.

Conclusion on the Didymos Lisca

I can recommend the sling Lisca rainbow 100%. It is well suited for the entire wearing time and has a good price-performance ratio.

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