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Natalie Clauss

DidyTai von Didymos

Didymos is one of the best known, I would almost say THE best known, manufacturer of slings and also baby carriers in Germany. In addition, there are Didymos, unlike many other manufacturers for a very long time, which testifies to quality that convinces parents. In this article I would like to tell you about my experience of the carrier DidyTai, which has been around for a while and is now also available in a more advanced form as DidyKlick.

Information about the manufacturer and the carrier

The manufacturer Didymos was founded in 1972 by Erika Hoffmann. After the birth of her twins, she was looking for a practical way to accommodate all children, as she already had two larger children. By the way, Didymos is ancient Greek and means "twins". And so the Didymos company developed over the years and grew larger and larger. More slings were woven and in cooperation with university hospitals special slings for premature babies were used and developed. Already since 2008 there is also the baby carrier DidyTai.

The new price of the carrying aid is 119€ for the cheapest models. However, there are many different, partly limited, models available. This puts the DidyTai in the middle price range for baby carriers. The carrier is also available through some German babywearing stores.

The DidyTai belongs to the classic wrap conversions with expandable straps and a waist belt to tie.

DidyTai. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurtes und der Stegbreiteneinstellung.

The manufacturer writes about the use only that the carrier can be used from birth. I agree with this, although care must be taken with very small newborns to ensure that they are adequately supported. I find the back part relatively short, so that the carrier with larger children, who like to have their arms in the carrier, would rather not be the right choice.

Didymos does not use any padding in the DidyTai, both in the straps and on the waist belt. The back part goes a little lower than the waist belt, so that the baby's back can be rounded even more easily. The web width is adjusted by means of knotted drawstring.

DidyTai. Detailaufnahme des Trägeransatzes am Rückenteil.

The straps are attached to the back part with very fine darts. The gatherable headrest can be attached to the carrier by loops. These loops are sewn on both sides, so that even tilted carrying of the carriers to attach the headrest is no problem. The bar width can be increased as desired for larger children by fanning the straps over the child's bottom.

When wearing

DidyTai. Ich trage eine Neuegeborenendemopuppe vor dem Bauch.

I had the baby carrier for a long time in the range and was now allowed to test it again. When my son was still smaller (about size 62-80) I could use the carrier well, it could be adjusted well. However, with increasing weight, I was bothered by the lack of padding on the waist belt. He twisted easily and thus cut in the waist.

The straps of the DidyTai lie comfortably on the shoulder. The fine darts make it easy to adjust the width on the shoulder so it doesn't restrict arm movement as much. My son liked having his arms in the carrier, so I was relatively quick to use the headrest as a back extension.


According to the manufacturer, the DidyTai is best washed in a laundry net or pillowcase. If it is pure cotton, the carrier can even be machine washed at 60 degrees on the gentle cycle. I have only hand washed them myself, which is why I can't judge. However, cotton is generally easy to care for and robust, so there should be no problems.


DidyTai. Aufnahme des Rückenteils und der Kopfstütze.

When I look at the year 2008, the DidyTai has certainly been very advanced, for example, by the possibility of bar width adjustment. In the test, it turned out that the carrier cuts in especially with heavier children due to the non-padded abdominal belt. When adjusting the bar width bothers me that the knot is not easy to fix and can also sometimes slip through the hole. The fine darts of the straps I find useful and comfortable.

But when I look at the development of today's baby carrier market, I find other carriers, in this price range, much more comfortable.

Yesterday I already published an article comparing the differences of DidyTai and the new DidyKlick. Soon there will also be an article explaining my experience with the DidyKlick.

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