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emeibaby Babytrage

The emeibaby baby carrier was one of the first carriers we bought. Accordingly, we have been using it for a long time and I would now like to report on my experiences.

Information about the carrier and the manufacturer

The baby carrier was created, as the founder Daniela Eberharter herself writes on her website, out of necessity. Neither baby slings nor baby carriers at the time were just right for her. She reports:

So I had the idea to combine the carrier with the sling in such a way that the carrier fit my daughter exactly.

She eventually patented this idea. Emeibaby was the sound that the first daughter of the founder, always made when she was hungry and has no direct meaning. In addition to the well-known baby carrier, there are now, in addition to doll carriers, slings and ring slings, as well as the carrier emeiTAI from emeibaby, which I have already presented in this article.

The emeibaby is available in two sizes. According to the manufacturer, the baby size fits from 0 to 3 years, and the toddler size fits from 1 to 4 years. This only partially corresponds to my experience. In fact, the Babysize is usable for a very long time and fits 3 years, which for many is over the entire wearing period. The Toddlersize I find in most cases with children with one year not yet fit. I would change at the earliest from Gr.86/92, although the back part still seems very large.

The emeibaby baby carrier is a full-buckle carrier. Here, both the waist belt, as well as the straps, are closed with buckles.

The new price of the baby carrier is usually just under 140€, although custom-made products from our own cloths are also possible, which then cost correspondingly more, if the acquisition costs for the cloth are still taken into account. As with many other manufacturers, there are standard models that are always available and limited models, which are produced only in a small number of pieces. Among other things, the company's own slings are sewn here, but also slings from Girasol, for example.

In addition to emeibaby directly, the emeibaby baby carrier can also be purchased through other online stores, such as Natürlich Familie. Here it costs 140€ in the baby size and 160€* in the toddler size.

emeibaby Babytrage. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts.

The outer fabric is made of 100% organic cotton. The straps and belly strap are padded with foam. The belly strap has a conical shape, which means that it is wider in the front area. This is to distribute the weight better and make the belt take off even more weight. Overall, both the belly strap and the straps are very well padded.

The straps are also relatively wide, with the greatest width on the shoulders. The width of the straps therefore adapts well to the natural shape of the body.

emeibaby Babytrage. Detailaufnahme des Ringsystems.emeibaby Babytrage. Detailaufnahme einer Seite des Rückenteils mit Ringen und Trägeransatz.

They run to two rings each, with which the sling can be optimally adjusted to the child at the back part. The pressure is distributed over the entire back, so there is no punctual pull. The excess cloth can be fastened with various press-stud straps.

Tightening, as well as loosening of the straps is done by two ways, in the lower and in the front area of the emeibaby.

The head support can also be attached to the straps by means of press studs, but it can also be rolled up and stored in a small pocket on the back part. At the head, the width of the carrier can still be adjusted with a cord if necessary and also the neck buckle can be moved in height.

emeibaby Babytrage. Detailaufnahme der Stegeinstellung, von innen fotografiert.

The width of the bar is adjusted with a different system. Here, the protruding cloth is pulled into the back of the knees, so that it does not need to be adjusted and is always set individually. A small piece (approx. 10cm) is sewn at the bottom of the waist belt. In order to increase the width of the bar from the outset, tapes can still be knotted on both sides. In the Toddlersize, a much larger piece is sewn to the waist belt anyway, and the carrier is significantly larger overall.

When carrying

emeibaby Babytrage. Ich trage meine neugeborene Tochter vor dem Bauch.emeibaby Babytrage. Ich trage meinen damals 3-jährigen Sohn auf dem Rücken.

When I was still very thin, I could hardly use the baby carrier because I could not adequately tighten either the belly strap or the straps. My husband has therefore been using the carrier for much longer than I have. He has reported to me from the beginning that it is very comfortable and he hardly feels the weight. The adjustment of the sling on the rings is initially unfamiliar, although we quickly got to grips with it. Even for parents in my babywearing sessions, this seems daunting at first, but usually works out very well.

Over time, I was also able to use the carrier and found it very comfortable on the shoulders, especially with the increasing weight of the child. Also, the special belly strap was able to take a lot of weight off.

Loosening the buckles after wearing was unusual at first because they are located relatively far back. By the way, this is also the most common reason that parents decide against the emeibaby baby carrier, they can no longer reach the straps of the carriers to loosen them.

We were able to use the Babysize for three years with my son. But even with my newborn daughter, the carrier adjusts very well.


The manufacturer recommends hand washing, also do not use a dryer or fabric softener. In my experience, hand washing with the emeibaby was straightforward. Drying takes a little longer than, say, thin carriers due to the thickness of the padding. However, I don't think this is a bad thing since it doesn't need to be washed often anyway.


The biggest advantage of the carrier is clearly the long usability. The unique system seemed daunting at first, but after a short practice, it is very easy and eventually optimally adapted to the child. The stretcher enables an ergonomic posture for both the wearer and the baby, if it is put on correctly.

If parents are restricted in their range of movement backwards, this can lead to the exclusion of the carrier, because loosening is only possible relatively far back.

I recommend with the emeibaby, as with all other carriers, to test it beforehand and be shown how to fit it properly.

Overall, you will find with this full-buckle times a very different carrying aid system that I find very comfortable. Thus, the stretcher has a very good price-performance ratio for me.

*This isan affilate link. If you buy in the store you get 5% discount on your first order and I get a small commission.
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