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Natalie Clauss

Fidella Fusion stretcher

Today I present you the baby carrier Fusion from the German manufacturer Fidella. The manufacturer belongs to Nonomo, which produces the well-known spring cradles for babies and toddlers. Meanwhile, the Fidella Fusion is available in the sizes baby and Toddlersize. I have tested the Toddlersize for you.


Information about the carrier and first impression

Die Fidella Fusion in einer Komplettansicht.

As I just wrote, the baby carrier Fusion from Fidella is available in two sizes. The Babysize is according to the manufacturer from size 56 to 74, so usually usable from birth. For the Toddlersize Fidella writes that it is usable from an age of 3 months and from size 74 to 88.

Eine Detailansicht der Fidella Fusion.

My experience shows that the Toddlersize is suitable only significantly later. I would use it at the earliest from size 80 and it also, especially from the length of the back, longer than up to size 98 suitable. With my son, the back part still ends in the neck and he already wears size 92/ 98.

The carrier belongs to the full-buckle carriers, which means that it is completely to buckle.

Eine Detailansicht der Fidella Fusion.

Price-wise, the baby carrier is 119€ with the cheap model, but some models are more expensive. The baby carrier is sewn entirely of sling, ie not only that the back part, but also headrest, waist belt and straps have at least outside the sling fabric from Fidella.

Eine Detailansicht der Fidella Fusion.

The carrier is overall very soft and little padded, both on the straps, as well as on the belly strap. As a result, it fits in any handbag or backpack. The buckle of the belly strap is attached to the side. There is an elastic band here through which the buckle is passed. This is to keep the buckle still short if it should come undone. This has never happened to me with a baby carrier.

Eine Detailansicht der Fidella Fusion.

Due to the rather elaborate buckle system, the baby carrier can be adjusted at several points. Here there are two adjustment options on the back and on the shoulder another adjustment option.

The straps are of the width in the middle range. They can be attached to the abdominal belt, as well as to the back part of the carrier. This changes the pressure on the shoulders of the wearer, but also the pressure on the back of the child is different.

Eine Detailansicht der Fidella Fusion.

The neck buckle can be adjusted in height. On the back part, the width of the bar is adjusted by means of a cord and knot. The length of the back part and the width at the baby's head can also be adjusted in this way. At the back of the knees, the fabric is also lightly padded. The headrest can be gathered and attached to the carrier with the help of loops. Due to the gathering, the headrest is also good to use in the front.

In addition, the carrier has on one side of the back part at the top and bottom of another loop, which is probably to serve as a suspension option when the carrier is not in use. As you can see, a carrying aid with many functions.

When carrying

I have the carrying aid now for more than a year in my carrying advice assortment. This has allowed me to test it extensively.

Die Fidella Fusion. Ein Tragebild mit Demopuppe beim Shooting mit CEWE-Color in Oldenburg.

At first I found the carrier rather uncomfortable, because it is relatively little padded. On the shoulders pressed me the straps, which lay through the thin padding virtually directly on the shoulder and felt quite cut.

After I had not used the carrier then some time, I took it with me on a trip, because it is so good to take along. There I was able to make a completely different experience. I no longer felt the carrier to be oppressive, the straps not to be cutting.

I was able to carry for two hours at a time without any problems, while my son, who weighs more than 11 kg, was able to see a lot on his back. I had all straps on the stop, which I have, however, with, as good as, all full-buckle carrying aids. Unfortunately, I can't say what exactly caused these very different experiences.

With the Toddlersize is Noah's size 92/98 still clearly air upwards, so that we will still have longer something of the stretcher. The adjustment of the carrier I feel by the many different buckles as not so easy. Nicer would be, in my opinion, a more uncomplicated buckle system, as I think that this would be more user-friendly.


Washing is straightforward with the carrier. However, I personally always hand wash my slings and carriers so I do not have enough experience to report on how it would behave if machine washed. However, with this carrier, hand washing is also recommended. Due to the small amount of padding, it doesn't take very long to dry on the line.


As with all other baby carriers, I think it's important to test it. I alone have already made very different experiences, so that the longer try out in everyday life can also be useful.

Die Fidella Fusion getragen. Ich stehe mit meinem Sohn Noah im botanischen Garten.

On the belly strap of the carrier is a large sign with warnings sewn in. I sometimes found this annoying. The great advantage of the carrier is, in my opinion, that it becomes a very small package due to the little padding when it is to be taken along. Further, I find very good that it fits so long. The processing of the material I find good.

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