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Natalie Clauss

FlyTai by Fidella

The FlyTai from Fidella is a carrier that I have had in my consulting range for a very long time. So I can report from my private experiences with it, as well as the experiences from the carrying consultations. I have tested the sizes Babysize and Newsize, whereby there are innovations here. But more about that later.

Information about the carrier and the manufacturer

Fidella is a German manufacturer from Gelsenkirchen. Fidella 's products are produced in Turkey, where they focus on fair production and good quality, as I can read on the manufacturer's website. There, Fidella also writes that they are particularly concerned about the love of wearing for bonding between parents and children.

The Fidella FlyTai is a wrap conversion, or "sling conversion". The fan-out straps make it very similar to the baby sling. Meanwhile, the carrier is available just so with a buckle on the belly strap and is then called FlyClick.

According to the manufacturer, the Babysize size should fit newborns from 56cm to 80cm. In my experience, it fits in many cases already at Gr.50. In the next sizes, there was recently a change, so that the Newsize is now no longer available. This was an intermediate size between Babysize and Toddler. According to experience, this fits from size 74 to approx. 92. The new Toddlersize is supposed to fit toddlers from 74cm to 104cm, according to Fidella. For all sizes, fanned out straps over the child's bottom can be used to increase the size of the bar.

The price of this carrier varies greatly, depending on the model. The cheapest models start at 129€. Through the store of Fidella are available for purchase standard models, as well as limited models.

Fidella FlyTai. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts und der Stegbreiteneinstellung.

The abdominal belt of the carrier, as is typical for Fidella in all original models, is very softly padded and rather wide. It is closed at the back with a knot. On the belly strap is sewn a relatively large sign with warnings, which could possibly interfere. The web adjustment is done with cord straps that are knotted in the front. This allows for continuous adjustment of the web width. The fabric at the back of the child's knees is slightly padded.

Fidella FlyTai. Detailaufnahme des Rückenteils und der Kopfstütze.Fidella FlyTai. Detailaufnahme des Trägeransatzes, wobei der Träger teilweise unterpolstert ist.

The back part can be easily adjusted by cord straps on the sides. Here, however, I would be careful because this sometimes means that the back is no longer well supported in the middle if there is more fabric here, due to the shortening at the sides. The neck width can also be reduced with cord straps, although here then a punctual pressure at this point. The head support is gatherable and can be knotted to the straps with ties.

The straps are partially underpadded. The remaining strap fabric is sewn under the strap base, so they can still be fanned out. As with the waist belt, the padding on the straps is very soft and snug. The straps can be fanned out over the bottom for larger children to widen the bar and provide more support.

When wearing

Since the carrier has now been in my consulting range for some time, I had ample opportunity to gain experience with it. In the consultations it showed, as I have already written above, that the carrier is suitable in most cases already from size 50. In some cases, we tied off the straps to shorten the back part a bit and to get more tension in the neck area.

Fidella FlyTai. Mein Mann trägt unseren Sohn vor dem Bauch im FlyTai Newsize.Fidella FlyTai. Mein Mann trägt eine Neugeborenendemopuppe vor dem Bauch im FlyTai Babysize.

The overall fit of the carrier is very different and especially with the straps we had to look how well they lie on the shoulder. Sometimes the padding fits very well and tightly and sometimes they stand out very much, despite fanned out straps. This can cause pinpoint pressure on the shoulders and the child sees just as less. By tying it became better in some cases.

The soft fabric of the carrier was also rated very differently by the parents. This again shows that baby carriers should ideally be tested before buying to avoid bad purchases.

What is nice about the FlyTai is that it is very comfortable for most parents, even when used as a mei tai, due to the partial padding of the straps. The straps are not fanned out, but lie completely on the shoulder. I also find this variant very comfortable, although with me the straps stick out a bit, so I would prefer other carrying aids from the carrier shape. The wearing feeling in general, however, was very good. I had neither at the belly nor at the shoulders clear pressure points, neither with small children nor with my son.


The manufacturer recommends hand washing the FlyTai. I also just hand washed it myself and no problems occurred.


The carrier is basically very recommendable and has a good price-performance ratio. Especially the partially underpadded straps please many parents well. For bar adjustment, I would personally prefer a cord stopper instead of the knot, because this makes the adjustment even faster and more accurate.

The large shield on the waist belt bothered me a bit, but was not then relevant when wearing itself. The carrier fit must be tried, in my opinion, because it is very individual.

The addition of the FlyClick I find useful for parents who have a hard time with the knot on the waist belt or generally prefer a buckle at this point.

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