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Natalie Clauss

From the love of cloth to the own cloth company

My dear colleague Krystyna Cordes has realized her dream. She is not only a babywearing consultant, but also weaves her own cloths, entirely according to her ideas. How it came to this, you can read below. The rest of the text is now from her. (Natalie)

The birth of my first daughter in 2014 turned my life completely upside down. We had prepared everything according to the textbook, furnished her room and bought a great new stroller. Then when Lotta was born everything turned out differently than imagined, she didn't like to be put down, cried a lot and just demanded an incredible amount of closeness. I "dragged" her around the apartment in my arms for hours at a time until my midwife showed me how to carry her in the Manduca. That was more or less the starting signal for a new life ;).

My daughter was like a changed in the carrier, she was blissful and could finally sleep well. I had a little break and time to pursue my everyday life. I was often asked if my child was getting enough air, if I was spoiling her, or that my child would never (!) learn to walk. But I just knew that this was the right way for us. Nobody has to understand that and I don't have to justify myself, because it feels right to me and that's it.

The necessity slowly turned into a passion... Without further ado, I ordered my first baby sling. Tying it was complicated at first and when I see our first tying pictures today, I have to smile. Anything but perfect and comfortable, but we were incredibly happy and proud! After the first scarf followed the second, another, plainer color. And then the third, a different weave... then the fourth - a higher basis weight, then the fifth - a new muser... (I'm sure you can see what I'm getting at!).

I love the interplay of yarn and weave, find it exciting what different materials do and just love designs! Really beautiful designs! I made a lot of sketches and collected ideas for my dream shawls.

During that time I also started to inspire my friends to wear them and the idea to do the consultant training germinated. At the same time, I was absolutely fascinated by the idea of producing my own shawls, and so I started to build my dreams in my head.

Immediately after the training weekend, I got down to business, made some phone calls to weaving mills, visited a few of them, had a lot of conversations and then decided almost half a year later: I'm going to do it!

Kaami Slings. Hier ist das Logo des Herstellers abgebildet.

I then went online with Kaami Slings in October 2016, and the first scarves, Dancing (like a) feather Charlotte, were sold in May 2017. Shortly after, my second daughter was born and without wearing (now in my OWN slings, how awesome is that!?) I wouldn't be able to pursue my business as intensely. I love wearing, and I live wearing - through and through. I am absolutely convinced that we give our children so much through closeness and security. We give them the time to mature. We give them confidence and support to explore the big wide world. We give them love, just an incredible amount of love!

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