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Natalie Clauss

HopTye Conversion from Hoppediz

The HopTye from Hoppediz is a carrier that has been around a bit longer on the baby carrier market. The classic HopTye was developed further some time ago and the result is the HopTye Conversion. I have had this baby carrier in my range for some time and have therefore been able to test it extensively for you.

Information about the HopTye Conversion and Hoppediz

Hoppediz was founded by Annette Schröder. She was looking for slings that met her needs and wishes, but did not find what she was looking for, so she developed her own slings. In the meantime, Hoppediz has grown and developed its own baby carriers and there are also many other products on the topic of family in the store. You can find more information about Hoppediz and their products at

HopTye Conversion. Detailaufnahme des Schildes mit dem Namen der Tragehilfe, welches am Träger festgenäht ist.

The HopTye Conversion is, as already written above, the further development of the classic HopTye. Here, various details that were previously criticized, were changed. However, I do not want to go into the differences here. The carrier is only available in one size, but the manufacturer also writes on the website that the HopTye can be used from birth until the end of the gestation period. Thus, another size would also not be necessary. In my experience, newborns can actually already be worn with it if it is well fitted. Even with size 98 of my son it was still suitable.

The carrier belongs to the wrap conversions ("sling conversions"), as the straps are very wide and thus can be fanned out on the shoulders. The abdominal belt is klassich to tie, but can be closed complementary with the BucklePad also with buckle. In terms of price, it is between 90€ and 110€. Thus, it belongs rather to the cheaper carrying aids, but the difference here is not particularly large.

HopTye Conversion. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts und des unteren Rückenteils mit der Stegbreiteneinstellung.

The waist belt is relatively narrow and lightly padded. In the back it is closed with a double knot (except with the addition of the hump pad). It is sewn at the very bottom of the back part. So that the knot does not press at the belly, is here with the HopTye Conversion an additional, easily padded, piece of fabric. The bar adjustment is done via two steps. Once directly at the bottom of the back part and also slightly higher on both sides, each with drawstrings. At the back of the child's knees, the fabric is also lightly padded.

HopTye Conversion. Detailaufnahme des Trägers, der mit sehr feinen Abnähern am Rückenteil befestigt ist.

The back part can be easily adjusted in length on the sides, also with drawstrings. The neck width can also be reduced to provide adequate neck and head support for young children. The head support can be gathered. Loops are sewn on the inside and outside of the straps to which the headrest can be attached. On the back part, the straps are attached with very small darts, so they fit snugly to the shoulder. The straps are relatively wide (even compared to other wrap conversions) and also long.

For larger children, the straps can be fanned out over the back section. This allows the width of the bar to be increased and at the same time the child is more supported.

When wearing

HopTye Conversion. Auf dem Foto trage ich meinen 2-jährigen Sohn auf dem Rücken. Die Träger sind über seinem Po für mehr Stützung aufgefächert.

I have tested the HopTye Conversion several times with my son. There was hardly any pressure felt on the shoulders, because the straps, due to their width, allow a very good weight distribution. However, the straps are therefore very far on the shoulder, which significantly restricts the arm freedom when this carrier is tied tightly. Alternatively, the entire carrier can lie on the shoulder, then the arm freedom is not restricted. However, this works only at the expense of good weight distribution, so I got neck pain faster. The fanning out over my son's bottom and also the possibility of different finishes when wearing back were very pleasant.

In the babywearing sessions, the carrier was also tested with very small babies from size 50. Here it was noticed that putting on is much more difficult, because the back part is relatively long. With a little practice, however, the carrier can also be adapted well for newborns. More often, the carrier was rejected because the straps on the shoulders were too wide for the parents.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be machine washed at 40 degrees. I have only washed it by hand, which is why I can not judge this point. However, there were no problems with hand washing.

Conclusion about the HopTye Conversion

The HopTye Conversion is a carrier that provides an ergonomic position for both the baby and the wearer. It is good value for money and I could not find any quality flaws. Overall, it is very comfortable, if I can get comfortable with the width of the straps, as well as the limited arm room that comes with it. In my opinion, the straps could be quite a bit shorter, because it has never been needed in consultations the full length. So it is rather obstructive when tying. It is also nice here that it can be used over the entire wearing time.

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