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Natalie Clauss

How do I get my sling soft? - 3 tricks

A soft sling is not only cozy, it also makes tying much easier.

New slings often seem a bit hard and stiff when we get them. This is especially evident with materials like hemp or linen. Many then ask, how do I get my sling so nice and soft and cuddly?

Therefore, I have a few tips for you here, which can speed up the process. Basically, a new baby sling should be washed before use, because otherwise there could be shifts in the fabric. For "special" materials like silk or wool, please be sure to follow the washing instructions. A few companies also pre-wash the slings themselves, which is of course very convenient.

1. carry, carry, carry...

The best remedy against hard cloths is simply to wear them. Every time you wear the sling, it gets a little softer. You may not notice it at first and eventually it will be soft. It also helps to knot the sling in between (a"crochet instruction" comes below) or to use the sling, even if it sounds stupid, also in everyday life again and again. So sit on it, use it as a blanket while sleeping, use it as a hammock, ... there are no limits to your imagination.

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If it's a really hard sling, possibly with hemp or linen, the fibers can also be broken on a rounded table edge or crib bars, softening the sling. Here you should be careful that the edge is not so sharp as to cause damage to the fabric.

2. ironing

Depending on the material and weave, baby slings can also be ironed well, which also makes them softer. It is essential to pay attention to the temperature of the iron. When ironing, a steam iron is especially suitable.

3. crochet sling

I mentioned it above, "crocheting" a sling also makes it softer and cozier. For those who also know how to crochet with wool, this process will look familiar, because actually, with the sling, only air stitches are made. The longer the sling, the more such stitches it makes.

Video tutorial

Step by step instructions in pictures

Bilderserie zum Häkeln mit einem Tragetuch. Bild 1.

First I make a loop at one end of the sling

Bilderserie zum Häkeln mit einem Tragetuch. Bild 2.

Then I pull the cloth below through the loop and pull it tight, so that now I have a tight first loop. I mp this loop so big that just my hand fits through it.

Bilderserie zum Häkeln mit einem Tragetuch. Bild 3.

I reach through this loop and pull some cloth through it, creating a new loop, but loose.

Bilderserie zum Häkeln mit einem Tragetuch. Bild 4.

I repeat this process until I reach the end of the cloth.

Bilderserie zum Häkeln mit einem Tragetuch. Bild 5.

I now pull the end of the sling all the way through the loop and tug so that it doesn't come loose again right away.

Repeated crocheting of the sling, has a similar effect as tying it with your baby. Again, there are no limits to your creativity. You can just as easily braid, knit or whatever else you can think of.

Did my tips help you? Do you have other ideas that are missing from my list? Feel free to leave your suggestion in a comment.

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