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Natalie Clauss

hu-da one size diaper

Some time ago I was sent a large test package from the Berlin store Hug & Grow. In this package was also a pant diaper from the manufacturer hu-da. The diaper we could now extensively test and I want to tell you about our experiences.

About the manufacturer

The cloth diaper brand hu-da belongs to the Tyrolean company billeka, which was founded in 2007. Through her two children, the founder first came into contact with cloth diapers and developed her own products. She writes on her website that ecology is particularly close to her heart. Production takes place in Slovakia, Germany and Austria. The products are now sold in many European countries.

Diaper description

hu-da Höschenwindel Bambusfrottee. Aufnahme der gesamten Windel, liegend auf einem weißen Höschenwindel Bambusfrottee. Aufnahme der Windel von innen.

The diaper tested, as I wrote above, is a pant diaper. Pant diapers are fully absorbent, consequently need a wetness protector made of PUL (polyurethane laminate) or wool to prevent clothing from drawing wetness. It is also a one-size diaper, so it grows with the child. The manufacturer describes the usability from about 3.5 to 16kg. The waist height can be reduced by two steps with the help of snaps.

The diaper is available, for example, through the store Hug & Grow, which has provided me with this diaper for testing. There it costs 19.90 € and is available in various designs. Price-wise, it is thus in the middle range.

hu-da Höschenwindel Bambusfrottee. Detailaufnahme eines Beinbü Höschenwindel Bambusfrottee. Detailaufnahme des Rückenbündchens.

On the legs, the panty diaper has very soft cuffs. At the back it is also slightly gathered, at the belly the diaper is not gathered. It is closed by Velcro, which can also overlap with the other side. For washing, there is a counter Velcro inside, whereby the rest of the laundry should not be damaged by the Velcro. The diaper has an additional absorbent pad, which is slightly wider at the back. This is not sewn and therefore does not necessarily have to be used.


hu-da Höschenwindel Bambusfrottee. Aufnahme der Windel von innen.

The diaper from hu-da, consists of 60% bamboo viscose and 40% cotton. Due to the bamboo viscose content, the fabric appears shiny and soft. Inside the absorbent area, the fabric is sewn several times. The additional absorbent pad is made of the same materials. Bamboo viscose is overall a little more susceptible to washing, as it is a synthetic fiber.

The pattern fabric on the outside is made of a cotton jersey, which is 94% cotton and 6% spandex. This fabric is therefore elastic.

In test

hu-da Höschenwindel Bambusfrottee. Meine Tochter trägt die Höschenwindel.

I was able to test the diaper extensively for several weeks now. My daughter weighed about 4.5kg at the beginning of the test. Here, the diaper already fit very well when the waist height was set to the smallest level. The Velcro on the closure was clearly overlapping, but this was not a problem. It just showed that there was still a lot of room to maneuver here.

Even now with about five and a half kilograms, it still fits well in the smallest setting. Due to the soft fabric and soft cuffs, this pant diaper left hardly any marks even when worn for long periods of time.

We used this cloth diaper mainly at night. It kept a good seal over the long period of time and the absorbency was usually not fully exhausted in the morning. We put the extra insert in the diaper with it, but probably wouldn't have needed this.

When we used it during the day, I left the insert out so my daughter had more freedom of movement. Then the cloth diaper folded up nicely in the crotch, so she made a much thinner diaper bottom. During the day, however, we never needed the good absorbency, so I would prefer other systems here.

The diaper can be used with a variety of overpants. My favorites here were the wool slip overpants from disana (62/68) or from Maleja (S).

Other overpants can also be used with the hu-da panty diaper, such as the newborn overpants from Bambi Roxy or the Velcro overpants from Bambino Mio (size 1). The sizes of the overpants refer to those we used in the test with the smallest setting of the pant di aper.

Washing and drying

According to the manufacturer, the diaper can be washed at 60 degrees, using a detergent without bleach and enzymes. We have now washed the diaper several times and had no problems. Drying took a little shorter than with directly sewn insert due to the removable insert. After washing, the diaper here continues to be soft. Unfortunately, the counter Velcro, in the washing machine, has not always held, which is why other clothes stuck to the Velcro. The seams of the insert seem a little frayed after repeated washing, but this does not bother us.


The bamboo terry one-size diaper from hu-da is a great, absorbent night diaper. It can be used for a very long time and hardly makes any marks due to the soft fabric and soft cuffs. The additional insert does not necessarily have to be used, could otherwise bspw. also be used in combination with other diapers.

Too bad I find only that the Velcro does not always hold on the counter Velcro when washing.

Overall, the diaper has in my opinion but a very good price-performance ratio.

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