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Natalie Clauss

Indajani Mei Tai Evolution (prototype)

The Mexican manufacturer Indajani sent me the prototype of a new baby carrier for testing.

Information about the stretcher and first impression

Das Logo von Indajani befindet sich mittig auf dem Prototypen.Eine Ansicht des Prototyps von Indajani. Es ist eine Tragehilfe in Rosa mit schwarzen Bändern. Sie ist am Bauch zum Schnallen und an den Trägern zum Biinden. Eine Wrap Conversion.

Indajani means "water that was born" in the Zapoteco language. Indajani's carriers are handwoven in Mexico. On their website, the manufacturer writes that quality, as well as environmental friendliness and ecological aspects are important to them. They point out the great importance of the bond parent and child, but also sustainability.

Eine Detailaufnahme des Knotens, der gebunden Wrap Conversion. Die Rosatöne des Tuches sind hier gut erkennbar.Die Kopfstütze der Tragehilfe.

I was allowed to test a prototype of a baby carrier for Indajani, which is not yet available like this. So it's possible that something may still be changed about it. At the moment, a Mei Tai and the full-buckle carrier Evolution are already available in the store. The carrier we tested is a wrap conversion that is very similar to the original Mei Tai in terms of the system, but has some of the adjustment options and details of the Evolution. It fits with the tightest bar setting approximately from size 68 and without additional enlargement of the bar with the help of the straps approximately to size 80/86. How the stretcher will be priced, is not yet certain, probably between 80€ and 130€. This is the current price range for Indajani baby carriers.

Der konisch geformte Bauchgurt mit abgerundeter Steganpassung.

The straps and the belly strap are completely covered by the same sling material that the back is made of. The belly strap is tapered, which allows for better weight distribution. It looks very firm and has a small pocket in the front for keys or similar. In the back it closes with a buckle. The straps are partially underpadded, but have a piece of sewn cloth underneath so they can be fanned out about half the sling width after padding. The head support can be attached to the straps with snaps. Alternatively, I can roll it up and fasten it with snaps here as well. The width at the neck can also be adjusted. The length at the side can be adjusted with two straps. The adjustment of the web width is also done with snaps, the strap is sewn in a slight curve. Thus, it automatically shortens the length of the back for smaller children.

When wearing

Der getragene Prototyp mit aufgefächerten Trägern.Detailaufnahme der Position der Beine meines Sohnes in der Tragehilfe.

I have tried the stretcher in different variants with my son, but also in the carrying consultations with smaller dolls. In the process, the baby carrier could be adjusted well with small babies, as well as with my son.

If the baby has not yet worn size 68, I could additionally tie the carrier at the bar and the rest could be adjusted without additions. It would be nice if more snaps were used to make it smaller. The round shape to reduce also directly reduces the length of the back a little, which I find very convenient.

Der getragene Prototyp mit geschlossenen (nicht aufgefächerten) Trägern. Ich trage meinen dreijährigen Sohn auf dem Rücken.

When tightening, I find the padding of the straps a bit stiff, so that it could not be adjusted optimally to my shoulder shape. This also gave me increased pressure on the waist belt. A softer padding would be better here, in my opinion.

Otherwise, the straps could be fanned out well over the buttocks with my son, so that a better weight distribution was possible. This allowed me to wear relatively comfortable even over a longer period of time, restricting was for me only the firmness of the carrier padding. In addition, I was able to increase the bar, so that the carrier was still very good fit even at size 92/98 and here is still air to the top of the size.

Ich trage meinen dreijährigen Sohn Noah in der Prototypen Tragehilfe von Indajani. Ich trage ihn auf dem rücken.

Fanning the straps directly on the shoulder is hardly possible with this carrier, because the cloth fabric was sewn completely under the padding. However, if the padding was more snug, I probably wouldn't want to do this either.


Personally, I would hand wash the carrier because of the buckle on the waist strap and the webbing straps. However, if in doubt, follow the manufacturer's washing instructions.


Ich trage meinen Sohn Noah im Wrap Conversion Prototyp von Indajani. Ich trage ihn vorne. Wir stehen vor einem Kornfeld.

The carrier has many advantages, it has no qualitative defects. The adjustment of the bar width is very practical due to the slight rounding. It would be nice to have more snaps here to reduce the size. The waist belt is very comfortable. At the straps, the padding can still be revised so that they can be tightened better. Overall, it's a practical system that combines the benefits of half-buckle carriers, with the buckle on the belly strap and the arm room afforded by the fully shouldered padded straps, and the benefits of wrap conversions ("sling conversions") with the expandable straps under the baby's bottom for better weight distribution and to increase the bar, as well as the option for different comfortable closures when worn on the back. I'm very curious to see when the carrier will eventually be available and if anything else will be changed.

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