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Kokadi Onbu

Once again an Onbuhimo in the test, this time the model of Kokadi. After I have already tested Kokadi's other carriers, so now the Onbuhimo.

Information about the carrier and first impression

Kokadi Onbu. Detailaufnahme des Logo auf der Kopfstütze des Onbus.

Kokadi is now one of the best known German manufacturers of slings and carriers in Germany. It was founded in 2010 by Ceyda Temur. She herself writes about Kokadi on the website

We combine organic farming with sustainable production, environmental awareness, conservation of resources and fair wages with trendy design, elegance and current fashion.

The Kokadi Onbu has been available in two sizes for some time. However, at the time of writing this review, there was only one size available, which is the toddler size today. I have consequently tested the Toddlersize. This should fit according to the manufacturer from Gr.74 to Gr.98/104. Meanwhile, the Kokadi gives here as a guideline 7-20kg. The next size Toddler XL should fit from 9-30kg.

However, I would not necessarily recommend the carrier for small babies, because this type of carrier creates increased pressure on the baby's neck. Therefore, I would recommend the carrier rather from sitting age or even better from walking age. Of course, there are situations in which this carrier is the best solution even before. Here you should look individually.

Especially for pregnant women, this carrier can provide great relief, because the lack of abdominal belt here is no pressure. But the entire weight is on the shoulders, which can generally lead more quickly to neck tension. The new price of the carrier is depending on the model approximately between 119€ and 179€.

Kokadi Onbu. Aufnahme des Onbus, der auf einer weißen Decke liegt.

Kokadis Onbuhimo is covered with a black (depending on the model also silver possible) cotton fabric on the straps. The strap padding is just like the other carriers from the manufacturer and initially appears relatively thick and also somewhat stiff. The straps can be adjusted in length in two places. The strap guide was changed a short time ago, which should make it easier to tighten, so now it tightens in exactly the opposite direction.

My model of the Onbus still had the old belt guide. Meanwhile all models are produced and sold with the new belt guide.

Kokadi Onbu. Der Detailaufnahme der Nackenverstellung mit einem Gummiband.

The neck buckle can be adjusted in height. There is no adjustment for the web width. The pouch below the strap attachment is relatively small compared to other Onbuhimos, so "pouching", i.e. fixing the fabric under the bottom, is more difficult. The head support can be attached to the straps with the help of snaps. The width of the neck is also adjustable by means of an elastic band.

When wearing

Kokadi Onbu. Ich trage meinen Sohne im Onbu auf dem Rücken.Kokadi Onbu. Ich trage meinen Sohne im Onbu auf dem Rücken. Das Foto ist seitlich aufgenommen.

I have now been able to test the Onbuhimo several times with my now 3-year-old son. I found that the straps were a bit too long for me. This meant that I could not carry my son at an ergonomic height, which led to tension. Parents from my consultations also told me about pressing straps. Whether this is due to Kokadi's carrier or perhaps the Onbuhimo's system, I can't say definitively.

However, the thick padding was still a good weight buffer for me. The carrier is easy to put on, especially for children who can already walk. However, care must be taken here that the child really sits in the "bag" and the fabric remains under the buttocks. Here I would personally find a little more leeway better.

Overall, wearing the Onbu from Kokadi was fine for short distances (maximum 20 minutes), for longer wearing I would prefer something else. The bar width was a good fit for size 92, before it would be a little too big, then too small. There is no provision for adjustment here by the manufacturer. However, if it is too big, the fabric can be easily pushed, so it can then be adjusted.


The carrier can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees, depending on the material. Here you should simply follow the washing recommendation of Kokadi. I personally washed it only by hand, but had no problems.


The Kokadi Onbu is qualitatively good.

In the Umstellunsgzeit were the different belt guide on the different models confusing. It is nice that all models now have the same belt guide.

When wearing I find the Kokadi Onbu for very narrow women because of the strap length not optimal, otherwise it can fit well and be comfortable even when worn for a long time. Since here the experiences are very different, I would recommend testing before buying.

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