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Natalie Clauss

Lenny Lamb buckle onbuhimo

I was again allowed to test an Onbuhimo, this time from the Polish manufacturer Lenny Lamb. Here I had both sizes available for testing.

In my test you will learn why I rather advise the Toddler Size of the Lenny Lamb Onbuhimo and what experiences I have made with him.


Information about the Lenny Lamb carrier and first impression

Das Logo auf dem Onbohimo von Lenny Lamb.

Lenny Lamb is now a relatively well-known manufacturer in the field of babywearing. It has a large selection of baby carriers, slings and ring slings, which can be found on the website But also some accessories like different bags or babywearing clothes or even doll carriers are available from Lenny Lamb.

As already written above, I was allowed to test the Buckle-Onbuhimo in two sizes, namely Standard and Toddler. The Toddlersize is currently not yet available in the store. The size Standard fits relatively early and can be well adjusted from size 62/68 and fits from the bar width to about size 80. The Toddlersize fits from the bar width approximately up to size 92. I would not necessarily recommend the carrier for small babies, however, because this type of carrier creates increased pressure on the baby's neck. Therefore, I would recommend the carrier rather from sitting age.

Die Stegverstellung des Onbohimos von Lenny Lamb.Der Beutel des Onbohimos von Lenny Lamb.

In special situations such as pregnancy, however, it is very advantageous because there is no pressure on the abdomen due to the lack of abdominal belt. However, the entire weight is then carried by the shoulders, which can rather lead to tension. The new price of the carrier is, depending on the model, between 54€ and 95€. This makes it one of the cheaper baby carriers. The manufacturer has a wide range of models with very different colors and designs.

The straps of the Onbuhimo are completely covered with the sling, which also makes up the back part and the headrest. The straps are very thickly padded, which should somewhat dampen the increased pressure on the shoulders. The adjustments in length are at three points, so it is very variable. However, in my opinion, two adjustments would have been enough.

Der Onbohimo von Lenny Lamb in einer Trageansicht von vorne.

The neck buckle can be adjusted in height. The stay adjustment is done with cords that are knotted in the appropriate width. Laterally, at the back of the baby's knees, the carrier is padded. The pouch below the strap attachment is significantly larger compared to other Onbuhimos, which should make it easier to fix under the bottom and put on the carrier. The head support can be gathered and attached to the straps.

When wearing

Der Onbohimo von Lenny Lamb in einer Trageansicht von hinten. Diesmal in der Größe Standard mit Tragepuppe.

I was rather skeptical before wearing, because I had problems with several other Onbuhimos with too long straps. However, with the buckle onbuhimo from Lenny Lamb, I was also able to pull the straps very tight, so wearing it itself was much more comfortable and my son could also see more.

However, due to the various adjustment options and the length of the straps, the carrier also fits larger parents. I found the thick padding on the straps to be a real blessing, so I found it very comfortable to wear.

In hot temperatures, the lack of a belly strap is a relief. Putting on the carrier is very easy, especially for children who can already walk. The large pouch also makes it easier to put on and more comfortable for the child. However, with smaller babies, tested with the dolls from my babywearing consultations, this pouch was a little too big for me.

Instructions for putting on the Onbuhimo

On my Youtubekanal I show in a video a way how to put on the Onbuhimo on the back. I also use the Onbu from Lenny Lamb.


In my case, these are test carriers, which is why I did not wash them. However, I would personally always hand wash carriers with buckles. However, if in doubt, follow the manufacturer's washing instructions.

My conclusion about the Lenny Lamb Onbuhimo

Der Onbohimo von Lenny Lamb in einer Trageansicht von hinten, diesmal in der Toddlersize. Ich trage Noah darin, wir stehen am Oldenburger Hafen und blicken in den Sonnenuntergang.

The buckle Onbuhimo could really convince me, especially in the Toddlersize! The thick padding of the straps on the Lenny Lamb carrier makes it very comfortable to wear, especially since all the weight is on the shoulders anyway. I really like that the carrier is easily adjustable for very small, slim parents, but it also fits larger and more corpulent parents just as well.

The Toddlersize was still a little better after my test, because it fits from the size rather to the needs of the developmental stage. Children who are already walking or at least sitting, usually want to be in between times also not in the stretcher, which is very well possible by the simple donning and doffing. The spine has also already straightened up further.

For small children, for whom the standard size is suitable, I would rather go back to carrying systems with a waist belt.

Your opinion/your experience

Do you already know the Onbohimo from Lenny Lamb? How would you rate carrying with this baby carrier? How did you feel about putting it on, was it comfortable for you? What was your experience washing with this carrier?

I'm very curious to hear how you liked the Onbu. Let me know in a comment below this review.

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