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Lenny Lamb Little Pearl Chameleon

After I could already test the buckle Onbuhimo of Lenny Lamb in both sizes, I now had the opportunity to test a sling of the manufacturer. I already had a group sling from Lenny Lamb here for some time, now I was curious how this sling can be tied.

Lenny Lamb Little Pearl Chameleon. Detailaufnahme des teilweise aufgerollte Tragetuchs. Hier sieht die Webart in Kombination mit den gewählten aus wie kleine Perlen.Overview of the baby sling from Lenny Lamb

Information about the cloth and the manufacturer

Lenny Lamb is now a large Polish manufacturer of various carrying options. In addition to slings and ring slings, various baby carriers, baby blankets and carrying accessories are available in the store. Also in German stores are increasingly sold the products of Lenny Lamb.

Lenny Lamb Little Pearl Chameleon. Detailaufnahme der Webart des Tragetuchs.

The Little Pearl Chameleon sling is the first of its kind. I suspect, however, that the sling will soon be available in other color combinations. The so-called pearl weave, makes the color elements on the black background actually appear like small pearls. In addition, it seems to be pleasant to the touch.

The subtle color gradient looks very classy. I could imagine that the cloth would also look great in very bright colors. New the cloth in Gr.6 costs about 102€. Thus, it is in the medium to low price segment for slings.

When wearing

Learn the wrap cross way of tying in my online course

I have created an online course for the wrap cross carry. You can book it on my website and participate whenever you want. For more information, see my online course on the wrap-around cross-carry.

I tested the Little Pearl Chameleon sling from Lenny Lamb with my 3 year old son and the demo dolls from the consultations. Tightening went very well with both weight classes, as I expected. I was able to hold the sling well and it did not slip in my hand. With my son, however, it went a little easier. Still the sling seems a bit stiff, but this will certainly change with regular use.

Lenny Lamb Little Pearl Chameleon. Ich trage eine Demopuppe in der Hüftschlinge.Lenny Lamb Little Pearl Chameleon. Detailaufnahme, wie das Tragetuch gebunden auf meiner Schulter liegt.

The weight of my son distributed well on my shoulders, although here, as with almost all slings, I would rather prefer multi-layer binding methods, because they support better. With the newborn dolls, the fabric bunched up a bit in the back of my knees, which is due to the thickness of the sling, as well as the weave. I suspect that would become less when the cloth is worn more. Overall, though, it tied well even with the lighter weight.


I did not wash the sling, but suspect that this would not be a problem with the sling I tested. Cotton as a material is generally very robust and easy to clean.

Conclusion about the baby sling Little Pearl Chameleon

Lenny Lamb Little Pearl Chameleon. Aufnahme von hinten, wie ich meinen Sohn im Einfachen Rucksack trage.

The Little Pearl Chameleon baby sling has a good price-performance ratio. I could not see any weaving faults or other quality defects. The colors would be a bit dark for me personally, however, it looks really classy because of that and the weave. For newborns I find it not quite optimal, but later it is a very versatile sling, which can be used for a long time.

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