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Natalie Clauss

Liliputi Buckle Carrier

Again, a new carrier that I may test: the Liliputi Buckle Carrier. Honestly, I had never heard of the manufacturer Liliputi before the test round and was therefore very curious what is special about this carrier and how comfortable it would be when worn.

Information about the carrier and the manufacturer

Liliputi is a family-owned company from Hungary. The manufacturer writes on their website that it is important to them to strengthen the bond between parents and child, as well as to make everyday life easier for them. All products that are available in the store are made in Hungary. Further, they write that they do not rely on expensive marketing to distribute their products, but rather on recommendations. According to the website, sales are not their primary concern. In addition to various babywearing options (slings and carriers), babywearing accessories and clothing can also be purchased from Liliputi.

The Buckle Carrier is, as the name suggests, a full-buckle carrier, meaning a carrier completely for buckling. According to the manufacturer, the carrier should be suitable from 3.5kg to 20kg. How my experiences are in this regard, you can read later. The price of the Buckle Carrier from Liliputi is just under 125€, with shipping costs from Hungary added.

Liliputi Buckle Carrier. Detailaufnahme des konisch geformten Bauchgurtes ohne zusätze Stegbreitenvergrößerung.Liliputi Buckle Carrier. Detailaufnahme des Rückenteils innen. Hier ist sichtbar, wo der Neugeboreneneinsatz befestigt wird.

The belly strap of the carrier is tapered, so it's a little wider in the middle, and very firm overall. The webbing seems very stiff. The width of the bar is only limited adjustable. For small babies, there is a kind of newborn insert, but it can also be removed. The insert is attached with Velcro on the inside of the back section and then still on the outside, at the top of the back section. For large children, the bar can be enlarged on the side with two additions that are attached with zippers. These additions are simply slid onto the waist belt. No other adjustment options are available with this carrier.

The back section can still be slightly adjusted in length by drawstrings at the sides. At the back of the child's knees, the fabric is lightly padded, as well as in the upper area of the back section. The headrest of the carrier is attached with a zipper and can therefore be removed. The neck width is not adjustable.

Liliputi Buckle Carrier. Detailaufnahme der eingesetzten KopfstützeLiliputi Buckle Carrier. Detailaufnahme eines Trägeransatzes am Rückenteil.

The strap padding and width is in the middle range of full-buckle carriers. I don't find it overly stiff in this regard, but not particularly snug either. The strap length can be adjusted by three straps: padding buckles in the front and two pull options in the back in opposite pull directions. As with the waist belt, the webbing on the straps appears stiff and tight, which could make them difficult to tighten. The straps are attached to the back panel and can be crossed over. It can be worn straight or crossed over. The connecting buckle is adjustable in height.

When wearing

Liliputi Buckle Carrier. Ich trage meinen Sohn auf dem Rücken.

In the test with my son on my back, it quickly became apparent that the carrier unfortunately did not fit me very well. Tightening the waist belt and straps was actually not as smooth as I would have liked due to the tight webbing straps. Although I eventually tightened the straps all the way, they were still too loose for me. The waist strap stood out a bit in the lower area, but this did not bother me. There were few pressure points overall, but the looseness of the straps bothered me a lot. The bar width was no longer sufficient for my son with Gr.104, although I used the additional inserts.

I also tried the Buckle Carrier with a newborn endo doll, using the newborn insert. Here the bar width was already a good bit too narrow. I also had to be careful that the feet did not slip under the belly strap. The height of the back section was a bit too high and the neck was not sufficiently supported.

Liliputi Buckle Carrier. Ich trage eine Toddlerdemopuppe vor dem Bauch.Liliputi Buckle Carrier. Ich trage eine Neugeborenendemopuppe vor dem Bauch und nutze dabei den Neugeboreneneinsatz

With a toddler doll, I use the standard bar width of the carrier. This was almost exactly fitting at Gr.68. The height of the back also fit much better. Overall, however, the straps were too long for me when wearing in front of the belly with both dolls, as was the connecting buckle at the neck. The only way to get firmness was to cross the straps.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 30 degrees. Personally, I would prefer hand washing. When machine washing, all buckles should be closed. In addition, I would then recommend the use of a laundry net.


Overall, the Liliputi Buckle Carrier has unfortunately not completely convinced me. I have to criticize mainly the but very limited bar width adjustment. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the newborn insert.

In addition, a clear pressure on the back of the baby arises for small babies by the strap attachment to the back part, which I do not find advantageous. For me, the straps were a bit too long. The wearing comfort was otherwise okay. The webbing could be a little softer in my opinion, so that it can be tightened better.

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