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Natalie Clauss

LueMai and My Dwarf Nest

The baby carriers LueMai and Mein Zwergennest seem quite similar at first. In the following, I would therefore like to present the differences, but also the similarities.

The belly strap

Vergleich LueMai und Mein Zwergennest. Detailaufnahme der Bauchgurte.

First of all, it is noticeable that the belly strap of the carrier My Dwarf 's Nest is closed with a buckle, while the belly strap of the LueMai is for tying. With the Zwergennest, a tying strap can also be selected if desired. With the LueMai, the buckle belt would have to be purchased separately, which would incur additional costs.

The width and strength are the same in both carriers. Also, the waist belt is covered with a soft cord fabric in both cases.

The bar adjustment

The bar adjustment is done by Velcro in both baby carriers.

The back part

Vergleich LueMai und Mein Zwergennest. Detailaufnahme der Rückenteile.

Both carriers have two heights for the back part length. With the LueMai, the adjustment is made using a two-tunnel system, so that the abdominal belt is pulled into the lower tunnel for tall children. The second tunnel has a counter Velcro, so that the Velcro can not damage the fabric.

The dwarf nest also has a counter velcro on the side that is not used. Here, however, the reduction of the back part is done by turning the waist belt, so that the back part "down" and is put on like an apron. For larger children, the belly strap is then rotated.

In the dwarf nest, the back section can also be reduced laterally in two stages with the help of a strap and a button. This allows the width to be adjusted to fit smaller babies. This adjustment option is not available with the LueMai.

The neck width is not adjustable on either carrier. However, this is not absolutely necessary due to the ring system at the base of the carrier, or there are also better adjustment options for this.

The headrest

First, it is noticeable that the LueMai has two headrests. A large headrest is visible at the top and a smaller, rounded headrest with a pocket is hidden underneath. The large headrest can be rolled up and hidden in this pocket, creating a bolster. The large headrest can also be gathered with drawstrings and can be attached to loops on the carrier with a Velcro strap. The smaller headrest can also be knotted to the carrier.

The carrier

Vergleich LueMai und Mein Zwergennest. Detailaufnahme der Trägeransätze.

In both cases, the straps are attached to the back section by a ring system. This allows them to adjust optimally to the shoulder width of the wearer. In the LueMai, the rings are thicker and covered with fabric. The Dwarf Nest has narrow metal rings here, to which the headrest can be knotted as a neck roll.

The width and strength of the straps do not differ. Also, just like the waist belt, they are covered with a soft cord fabric.

The dwarf nest carrier also has belt protectors, which are slid over the rings. Inside they have a velcro, so that they do not slip in height.

So the LueMai and Mein Zwergennest carriers are very similar in many aspects, but have some subtle differences. In my blog you will find the respective test reports for both carriers. There I report how I found them while wearing.

Price and usability

The usability is pretty much the same for both carriers. Both should grow over the entire carrying time, so from birth to at least 4 years.

In terms of price, the stretchers also do not take each other very much. The Zwergennest costs between 279€ and 329€. The LueMai is converted and with customs duties or German VAT, which must still be paid after purchase in Germany, a little more expensive and is at least 253€ plus shipping and 19% VAT or import fees.

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