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Natalie Clauss

Madame Jordan Onbu

Again I was allowed to test, thanks Katrin Sodeik of LovesBabywearing, a baby carrier from Madame Jordan. This time I had their Onbu in Gr.1 here, which I always wanted to try.

Information about the carrier and the manufacturer

Madame Jordan makes her baby carriers and her other products like baby clothes in Berlin, where she also has a retail store. They also make products to customer specifications. The store also offers workshops on various topics in infancy and toddlerhood.

The Onbuhimo is a baby carrier without a belly strap, which is why it is especially great for carrying during pregnancy because there is no pressure on the belly. The Onbu by Madame Jordan is available in size 1 and size 2. I was able to test it in Gr.1, which is supposed to fit approximately from 75-92cm tall (about 9 months to 2 years). The prices for the Onbu depend on the sling used and the size. So the Onbus in Gr.1 start in price from 149€.

Madame Jordan Onbu. Detailaufnahme eines Trägers.

This is a buckle onbuimo. He is thus adjusted in the carrier length with the help of webbing and has a connecting buckle in front. The webbing straps seem to Madame Jordan pleasantly soft and yet stable. The height of the connecting buckle can also be adjusted. The padding of the straps is, compared to other Onbuhimos, which I was already allowed to test, in the middle range.

The length of the straps can be adjusted by padding buckles at the base of the straps, as well as at the end of the straps. When the pad buckles are fully tightened, a small part of the padded carrier is also "folded over", but this did not bother me.

Madame Jordan Onbu. Seitliche Detailaufnahme vom Steg und Teilen des Rückenteils.

The bar width is not adjustable here, though the fabric is soft and there is no padding at the back of the knees either, so it is easy to slide to the appropriate width. The head support is gathered at the sides and can be clicked into place with cord straps on the straps.

When wearing

I tested the carrier mainly with my son. I must note that he was already a bit too big for this Onbu and the Gr.2 would be much better suited.

Madame Jordan Onbu. Ich trage meinen fast 4-jährigen Sohn bei einem Spaziergang.

When wearing the Onbu but was still really very comfortable. I felt very little pressure on the shoulders, despite the lack of abdominal belt. Very positive I noticed the webbing straps. Since they are so soft, the straps could be tightened well and I had to use little force for it. It also slipped nothing back again. The retightening of the padding buckles must be done before putting on, because I can no longer pull in this direction when my son is already on my back. However, this is not a negative criterion for me. This is processed in almost all other baby carriers as well. I could tighten the straps well, so that my son sat high on my back and I had to compensate little with my muscles.

Madame Jordan Onbu. Ansicht von der Seite, wie ich eine große Demopuppe trage.Madame Jordan Onbu. Ansicht von der Seite, wie ich eine große Demopuppe trage.

For the toddler doll from my babywearing consultations, the bar width was a bit too narrow, although it could also be slid to the appropriate width and then fit. Again, it was comfortable to tighten and wear.

In general, however, I would recommend using Onbuhimos, if possible, only from sitting or walking age, because this creates increased pressure on the child's neck.


According to Madame Jordan 's washing instructions, the Onbu can be hand washed or machine washed at 30 degrees in a laundry net with mild detergent and a low spin cycle. While I have not washed it myself, I would personally prefer hand washing.


Madame Jordan Onbu. Detailaufnahme des Logo am Trägeransatz.

Like the loop onbu or podaegi from Madame Jordan, which I was also allowed to test, the onbu is very neatly finished. I found it very comfortable to wear. The length of the straps was also nice. So I could as a rather narrow person, pull the straps pleasantly tight, so that my son sat high on my back. Thus, my shoulder and neck muscles were not so much stressed.

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