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mamalila softshell carrying jacket

It's slowly getting more and more autumnal and therefore colder. In this weather, carrying jackets are a great option so that your baby doesn't have to be dressed so thickly and is very close to mom or dad. Sometimes people ask me if it's worth the investment. Therefore, I have here for you the test report on a baby carrier jacket from mamalila.

Information about the manufacturer mamalila and the softshell carrying jacket

mamalila is a company that has now received several awards. On the website it is written:

In the beginning, the company consisted mainly of Vicki Marx - and family members, as well as other mothers who kept the store running from their basement at home. Moreover, as the project of a mother of two, it was forced to be family-friendly from the start: the children played among the fabric swatches and boxes, the working hours were extremely flexible, and grandma stepped in when there was a need.

As the company grew, they had to move to larger premises. But even then, the family atmosphere remained, as can be read on the website. Meanwhile, the mamalila babywearing jackets are available in many pregnancy and baby stores, so that they can also be tried on and tested on site.

Die mamalila-Tragejacke. Vollständige Aufnahme der Jacke ohne Einsatz an einer Schneiderpuppe.Die mamalila-Tragejacke. Detailaufnahme der Einstellungsmöglichkeiten am Babyeinsatz.

The softshell jacket is available from size XS up to size XXL in different colors. The original price is 199€, which includes a pregnancy insert and a baby insert.

In addition to mamalila directly, the jacket can also be purchased through other online stores, such as Natürlich Familie. Here it costs 199,90€* at the moment.

In the following, I will only describe the special features of the jacket, as everything else would go beyond the scope of this report.

Die mamalila-Tragejacke. Detailaufname des Reißverschlusses an der Kapuze.

The jacket is made of softshell on the outside and has a thin fleece layer on the inside. When I'm not wearing it, I can use the jacket without an insert. The baby insert can be used with a zipper in the front or also in the back. The hood can be gathered with an elastic band. It is also removable, especially relevant when wearing on the back. The hood on the baby insert is also adjustable with elastic.

Die mamalila-Tragejacke. Detailaufnahme des Bündchen am Ärmel. Auch das mamalila-Logo ist hier eingestickt.

The width at the neck of the baby can also be adjusted so that no drafts come into the jacket. At the bottom, the jacket can also be gathered so that it closes comfortably. At the sleeves of the jacket are still soft cuffs, so that it also closes well here.

On the website, mamalila writes that the softshell jacket has a breathable, windproof and waterproof membrane. In the new models, the baby's hood can be attached to mom's collar with a snap fastener, so that the head of a sleeping baby is even better supported.

The baby carrier jacket test

Die mamalila-Tragejacke. Ich trage meinen Sohn mit Babyeinsatz auf dem Rücken.

I have been using the jacket for more than two years now and am thrilled with it. It is variable and can be adjusted well.

The innovations of the jacket are quite positive, so my jacket has, for example, not yet the above-described option to support the head. Also, my model was another problem present, which has since been fixed. With me chafed when wearing on the back a piece of Velcro on the chin of my son, which I could fix by a piece of counter Velcro. This has been changed on the newer model.

Putting on the jacket with the baby insert is no problem both front and back with a little practice.

Even in heavy rain, the jacket did not soak through, but pulled even wetness, so it had to dry quite a long time. In winter at sub-zero temperatures I used the jacket by pulling me and my son another fleece layer underneath. Already the jacket was warm enough. Based on my experience, I think this jacket can be used a lot from fall to spring.

Putting on the mamalila softshell carrying jacket with the baby in the back carrier

I show you in the following video how to put on the mamalila baby carrier jacket when you wear your baby on your back.


The manufacturer writes that the baby carrier jacket is machine washable at 40°C. This confirms my experience, although the jacket does not need to be washed often.

Conclusion about the mamalila baby carrier jacket

Die mamalila-Tragejacke. Ich trage meinen Sohn mit Babyeinsatz vorne unter der Jacke. Es regnet.

The jacket is high quality and very well thought out. Since I now wear the jacket a lot without my son, it has a very long usage time. I would buy this jacket again anytime because it makes it very easy to wear in cooler temperatures.

By the way, mamalila is very friendly in customer contact and is always competent and advisory for questions.

*Thisis an affiliate link. If you buy in the store you get 5% discount on your first order and I get a small commission.
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