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Natalie Clauss

Marsupi stretcher

In my babywearing consultations, I often meet parents who own the Marsupi carrier. Therefore, I decided to write you a test report about this carrier with my experiences.

Die Tragehilfe Marsupi als Fotocollage.

Information about the carrier and first impression

The German baby carrier Marsupi is sold, among others, through the store of Loeweli, which is mentioned as an online store on the site of Marsupi. Otherwise, the baby carrier is also available on Amazon. When I look at the site of Loeweli, it seems outdated, but they justify this themselves:

Thus, in all these years, hardly anything has been changed in the way we present our products, even if this means that we do not necessarily follow the "spirit of the times". We want to convey the flair of your corner store, which is clear and inviting.

The Marsupi baby carrier is available in different colors and costs 69€ each. There are three different sizes available, S/M, L and XL. However, these are not based on the size of the baby or toddler, as is the case with other carriers, but on the clothing size of the wearer. For usability with the baby, the manufacturer writes that it is usable from birth to about 15kg. In addition, it is written that it would be worn in the Anhock-Spreiz-Haltung. Both I can unfortunately not confirm. But more about that later. The Marsupi carrier belongs to the classic mei tai's, where both straps and waist belt are attached with Velcro. The relatively narrow straps are attached to the back section using Velcro. In addition, the carrier has a small head support that is padded and can be attached to the straps with snaps. The entire carrier is lightly padded, which the manufacturer writes should soften the back section. There is very little padding on the straps and the belly strap. The belly strap, just like the straps, is rather narrow compared to other carriers. The back is attached to the waist belt with two darts, ensuring a curve in the lower back. Included with the carrier is the "tamer", which is intended to reduce the bar for newborns.

When carrying

Die Tragehilfe Marsupi beim Tragen - Foto 1.Die Tragehilfe Marsupi beim Tragen - Foto 2.

I have seen the carrier a few times in the carrying consultations and also tested several times in size S/M myself. In doing so, the carrier proved to be difficult in several ways.

First of all, I noticed that even the full bar width on my newborn doll from the babywearing advice was just enough to allow a good squat-spread posture. Therefore, it is definitely too narrow for larger children and thus does not promote natural and healthy hip maturation. The use of the included "tamer" is therefore not necessary for most newborns.

The fastening of the straps by means of Velcro on the back part was also a problem, as this did not allow the little babies' backs to become round, but on the contrary pressed them into a straight posture. The darts on the back part, on the other hand, were good for promoting roundness in the baby's lumbar area. I found the retightening of the straps impractical because the Velcro had to be completely undone again.

In my case, I also didn't get the belly strap as tight as I would have liked, so I would need a smaller size, which is not available. When carrying small babies I found the padding to be adequate it was quite comfortable. However, as soon as the child became heavier, I found carrying in the Marsupi uncomfortable and quickly got neck pain.

I also find it unfavorable that the carrier is pretty much limited to carrying in front of the belly. On the back it is very heavy and, in my experience, does not become sufficiently firm, which means that it then does not offer enough stability.


Washing the baby carrier is actually straightforward. The only thing to consider here is that the Velcro must be closed in each case, otherwise the other laundry or even the stretcher itself could be damaged.


Die Tragehilfe Marsupi beim Tragen - Foto 3.

Unfortunately, I can not recommend the Marsupi. The system that everything is closed only with Velcro, seems very simple at first, but proves to be a disadvantage for the anatomy of the baby, so that thereby too much pressure is exerted on the back. The bar width is narrow even for newborns in part and an anatomically correct Anhock-Spreiz posture, as the manufacturer itself writes, is therefore not always possible.

I also find the very misleading information on the homepage unfavorable, which promises parents something that is simply not true. Although it is good that carrying becomes better known when carrying aids are also available on Amazon. In the meantime, however, there is also a larger selection of ergonomic carrying aids here.

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