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Natalie Clauss

MilaMai baby carrier

The MilaMai comes from the Swiss manufacturer Tragebaby and is made by hand. After I had already tested the LueMai for you, here comes my review of the MilaMai.

Information about the baby carrier

Der MilaMai. Detailfoto des Logos an der Kopfstütze.

Maria Lüscher, the founder of Tragebaby, was looking for a baby carrier that fit both her and her husband well and at the same time met all the requirements for ergonomics, comfort and size adaptability. Not finding anything suitable, she searched for a solution herself and the LueMai and MilaMai brands were born. Later, LueMai simply and the bag brand Luema were added. Tragebaby exclusively produces unique pieces by hand, which is why all products seem quite expensive at first.

The MilaMai, just like the LueMai, can be used throughout the entire carrying period. It is well adjustable for newborns with size 50, as well as for children with size 104.

The carrier belongs to the full-buckle carriers, which means that it is closed with buckles on both the waist belt and the straps. The carrier is available in the store linked above and is offered there from 295 Swiss francs, depending on the model. Converted to euros, this is about 270€ at the current exchange rate. This does not include the German VAT of 19%, which must be paid additionally in Germany, as well as shipping costs outside the EU. Alternatively, the MilaMai can also be made exclusively according to your own wishes, which can then be a little more expensive.

Der MilaMai. Detailfoto der zwei Tunnel für den Bauchgurt.Der MilaMai. Detailfoto der drei Tunnel für die Trägerbefestigung.

The waist belt of the carrier is relatively wide and well padded. At the same time, the padding is not stiff and the cord fabric outside, makes it very comfortable. The baby carrier has two tunnels into which the waist belt can be inserted. This allows the back part to grow with the child. The larger setting fits approximately from Gr.86. The bar width is adjusted with Velcro. The straps run over a tunnel on the back part, so there is no pressure on the child's back. Here there are three ways to adjust the height on the back part. This means that even newborns can be carried well supported with the MilaMai.

Der MilaMai. Detailfoto eines Trägern mit den Schlaufen und der Verbindungsschnalle.Der MilaMai. Detailfoto der Trägerbefestigung mit Ringen am Rückenteil der Tragehilfe.

The straps are attached with buckles, because this allows them to be adjusted in height, as described above. There is only one way to tighten the straps, which simplifies the system. Like the waist belt, the straps are also rather wide, well padded and at the same time soft due to the cord fabric that wraps them. The straps are attached to the back part with rings, so they always adjust perfectly to the shoulder width of the wearer. The connecting buckle can be adjusted in height. There are also three loops sewn to each of the straps, to which the headrest can be attached. This can be gathered with the help of straps.

When wearing

Der MilaMai. Ich trage meinen Sohn mit dem MilaMai auf dem Rücken.

The MilaMai can be adjusted very well to different sizes of the baby or child due to the tunnel system on the waist belt. The ring system on the straps also allows it to adjust well to my shoulders. This system has a great advantage when mom and dad have different proportions.

The carrier is easy to adjust because there is only one option here. This makes it much easier. The straps do not press on the shoulders even when wearing for a long time. When wearing on the back, I find the LueMai with crossed straps a bit more comfortable, which is one of the advantages that a mei tai or half-buckle carrier brings. However, everyone feels a little differently about this.

Attaching the headrest goes surprisingly well because the loops on the straps are large enough. This makes it easy to pull the straps of the headrest through and knot them.


I would only hand wash the carrier and had no problems doing so. Drying takes a long time, due to the padding, but is comparable to other carriers.

Conclusion about the MilaMai

The high-quality MilaMai meets all the criteria that make up a good baby carrier. It basically allows both the baby and the wearer an ergonomic posture. The important thing here, of course, as with all baby carriers, is that it is properly fitted. Since this carrying aid is in the higher price category, I always recommend testing it beforehand, in a carrying consultation. Whereby the carrying aids of Tragebaby can be resold from experience with little loss. This is also due to the fact that everything is unique. In addition, the MilaMai can be used over the entire carrying time, where with other models possibly two or even three sizes would be necessary. For me personally, wearing and testing was comfortable over a longer period of time, but I prefer the straps crossed at the back of other carriers.

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