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Milovia Coolmax Pocket Winder

Diaper information/description

Die Bündchen der Pocketwindel Milovia Coolmax.

We have tested for you the Coolmax Pocket from the Polish manufacturer Milovia. According to the manufacturer, Milovia means:

The care for the child, for the quality, design and functionality but also for something that we all carry in our hearts. It is a great and brave desire for more love.

The diaper tested is a pocket diaper. In this system, the absorbent pads are separate and are placed in a pocket of the diaper. In addition, the Milovia Coolmax Pocket is a one-size diaper, so it grows with the baby.

The diaper described is a pocket diaper, what other types of diapers there are I have in my article cloth diaper systems [brief overview].

The diaper can be adjusted in the waist height with the help of snaps. The tummy width is also adjustable here with snaps. It has single leg cuffs and another elastic at the back. The manufacturer promises that it will fit throughout the diapering period (3.5 - 16 kg).

Price-wise, the Milovia Coolmax Pocket is around €26.00 including two soaker pads. Again, initially high purchase costs are to be expected, because the diaper must be washed completely after each use and therefore quite a lot of diapers are needed. The cloth diaper can be purchased, for example, at*.

Material of the cloth diaper

Das Innenleben der Stoffwindel von Milovia.

The wetness-protecting outer layer is made of polyurethane laminate (PUL). Inside, this is mostly sewn with another layer of polyester. It is also lined on the inside with Coolmax, which is also used, for example, in sportswear. This is said to be particularly breathable and stain resistant. The characteristic pocket of the pocket diaper is sewn here on the stomach and partially overlapping.

Included with Milovia Coolmax Pocket are two absorbent pads, which are made of microfiber. They are in two different sizes, S and M. For children over 10kg, the manufacturer recommends a size L insert.

However, I did not use these in the test. In the smallest setting, for example, only the small insert could be used. Also, because then usually not yet so great suction is necessary. The inserts can be inserted into the pocketed pocket or directly into the diaper. In addition, any other absorbent pads could also be used or supplemented.

In the test

Die Stoffwindel Milovia Coolmax Pocket aus verschiedenen Seitenansichten.

In the meantime, I was able to test the cloth diaper several times on my son. With his two and a half years and just under 12kg, he is rather narrow. The Milovia pocket diaper fit him well, so that it was tight on his legs and could also be adjusted to fit his stomach. It left no marks even after three hours, which again speaks for the good fit.

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The clothes didn't pull wetness either. The absorbent layer was not visible when worn. Absorbency was fine with the two size S and M absorbent pads provided. However, it leaked when gushing a lot of pee.

I also noticed during testing that the pads slipped back after a very short time, but that didn't change the absorbency.


For washing, the absorbent pads, which are placed in the pocketed pocket, need to be removed to ensure that they get properly clean. They would not fall out on their own in the washing machine. Personally, this doesn't bother me, but I can imagine someone finding it uncomfortable.

Because of the individual parts, drying the diaper was relatively quick and it took a maximum of two days on the line in the winter to do so. The diaper itself was virtually directly dry, the time mentioned refers to the soaker pads.

Conclusion on the Milovia Coolmax Pocket

The cloth diaper is available in many appealing designs at*, but is also not quite cheap to buy. From fit I found the diaper in our case very good, but the suction is not enough for Vielpieslern, here the diaper could be stuffed with more inserts or other materials as a suction insert. Overall, I can recommend the diaper.

*Thislink is an affiliate program. I receive a small commission on your purchase. If you want, you can get a discount code from me.
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