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Natalie Clauss

Miss Pretty Half Buckle Baby Carrier

The Fräulein Hübsch of the Austrian manufacturer is probably one of the best known "alternative" carrying aids, which is why I already own this for a very long time and have tested both in baby and toddler size. In addition, the experiences of my consulting parents.

In this review you will learn everything about the baby carrier Fräulein Hübsch. I tell why I find the stretcher qualitatively very good, but still recommend trying before you buy.


Information about the carrier and first impression

An den Trägern der Tragehilfe befindet sich das Fräulein Hübsch Emblem.

The carrier is, as already described above, available in two sizes: Baby- and Toddlersize. The baby size fits according to the manufacturer from size 50/56 to 80/86, which also corresponds to my experience. The next size fits then according to the manufacturer from Gr. 74/80 to 98/104. Here I have made the experience that babies with a long torso here can also be worn earlier in the Toddlersize. The Fräulein Hübsch belongs to the Mei Tai carriers, more specifically to the half-buckle carriers, i.e. it has a buckle on the waist belt, the straps are to tie.

Die Fräulein Hübsch ist eine Half Buckle Tragehilfe.Die Träger der Fräulein Hübsch sind gut vernäht.

The manufacturer is from Austria, so when ordering, quite high shipping costs are added. Fräulein Hübsch sells its products through its own website In the new price it is at 129€. The back part is made of "baby sling fabric", often made of baby sling from their own weaving mills or also from the manufacturer Girasol. The individual models with decorative fabrics as head support are available in limited numbers.

In addition to Fräulein Hübsch directly, the baby carrier> can also be purchased through other online stores, such as Natürlich Familie. Here the baby size costs 129€*.

The baby carrier has a relatively soft, but wide waist belt. It is rather little padded. The waist belt can be rotated, so that the Fräulein Hübsch can also be worn with a shortened back (Apron). It should be noted that then the knot of the straps sits directly on the belly and not on the belly strap, because it is folded.

The straps are also soft and also wide. At the same time, they are moderately padded.

Am Bauchgurt der Tragehilfe befindet sich eine Spur aus Klett, die den Gurt vor dem Verrutschen sichert.

The width between the straps, at the baby's head, is relatively narrow. It is often seen that the straps are "tied off" by hair ties. But the neck width can otherwise become even narrower, but this is actually not necessary.

The web width can be changed by means of Velcro on the waist belt. If you want to use the headrest, as protection from wind, for example, it can be attached by snaps on the sewn tabs on the straps, in the baby size there are also buttons here. Included, by the way, is also the chest strap for wearing on the back.

When carrying

Die Fräulein Hübsch getragen von Natalie Clauss. Dieses Foto entstand am Hafen der Stadt Emden.

The carrier is popular in the carrying consultations, many parents want to test it. I have had very different experiences depending on the physique of the parents. Basically, the baby carrier was actually already a very good fit for many newborns and is also usually very usable up to 9 months or a year in the baby size. In my personal experience, the carrier is very comfortable, especially in the beginning, and I could easily wear it for two hours without having any tension in my neck or back.

When I switched to the Fräulein Hübsch Toddlersize and my son was therefore already a little heavier, I felt the straps as too little padded and had relatively quickly neck pain. But when I wear with it on the back and use the supplied chest strap, it is much more comfortable even at 11kg. At size 92, the bar width of the Toddlersize was just right.

Tying instructions for the Fräulein Hübsch

In this video I show you how to tie the Fräulein Hübsch.


I personally wash my carriers only by hand and never had any problems. The manufacturer itself recommends 30 ° wash in the machine, but no dryer use. Friends who also have this baby carrier wash it in a laundry net in the washing machine and have also had no problems.

Conclusion about the Fräulein Hübsch

The Fräulein Hübsch, like actually all carrying aids, should best be tried and tested. Depending on the physique of the parents, it often fits well, but sometimes not at all. In general, however, it allows both the baby and the wearer, an ergonomic posture. Price-wise, it is in the normal range for baby carriers and has a good resale value. Qualitatively, I find the Fräulein Hübsch very good and could not find any defects.

Your opinion/your experiences

How would you rate carrying with this baby carrier? How did you feel when putting it on, was the Fräulein Hübsch comfortable for you? What was your experience when washing it?

I am very curious to hear how you liked the Fräulein Hübsch. Let me know in a comment below this review.

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