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Natalie Clauss

Nosic Lenka stretcher

Once again I was allowed to try out a baby carrier as part of a test trip organized by Katrin Sodeik of LovesBabywearing. This time I had a carrier from Slovakia here for testing, which I could test (at least in theory) with both children.

Information about the manufacturer and the carrier

The manufacturer Be Lenka was founded by Lenka, a mother of two, in Slovakia. She was born with only one hand, but that didn't stop her from becoming a professional athlete. She competed in various paralympic competitions and was very successful in athletics. You can see some photos of her on the website. Be Lenka products are handmade in Slovakia. In addition to the carrier, there are also various other products such as slings to buy in the store.

According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be used from 3 months (approx. size 62/68) to an age of 3 years (approx. size 104). However, experience shows that the carrier fits a little later. You can read more about usability in the section "When carrying".

The Lenka carrier is a full-buckle carrier, i.e. a carrier that can be completely buckled. The price of the baby carrier is 139€, which is in the middle price range compared to other baby carriers.

Nosic Lenka. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts und der Stegeinstellung.

The waist belt is relatively wide and softly padded. In the middle is a small pocket that can be used for keys or the like. The waist belt is closed on the side of the padding with a buckle.

The width of the web can be adjusted with the help of cord straps. At the back of the knees, the fabric of the back part is padded. The height of the back part can be adjusted with side straps. It is important to check whether the fabric still provides sufficient support for the child's back. The relatively large headrest can be gathered with elastic bands. In addition, it can be hooked to the straps with cord straps.

Nosic Lenka. Detailaufnahme der Trägeransatzpunkte am Rückenteil.

The straps are enclosed at the top with belt protectors. The length of the straps can be adjusted at the front by padding buckles and by another adjustment at the back. Like the waist belt, they are wide and softly padded. The straps of the straps are sewn tightly, relatively centrally on the back part. The connecting buckle can be moved in height.

When wearing

Nosic Lenka. Ich trage unseren Sohn auf dem Rücken.Nosic Lenka. Ich trage meine Tochter vor dem Bauch.

Since the carrier can be used from size 62/68 according to the manufacturer, I initially had the plan to test it with both my 2-month-old daughter and my 4-year-old son. However, my daughter, who currently wears size 62, the carrier is still a bit too big, both in the bar width and the length of the back.

With my son I tried the carrier mainly on the back. The bar width was a bit too small, but that didn't bother him or me. From the height of the back part it was with him, he currently wears size 104, still good enough. On the shoulders I felt the stretcher very comfortable and had no pressure points there. However, since I had to tighten the straps completely, I was bothered by the strap under the armpit. When wearing in front of the belly, this was much better.

I found the belly strap to be insufficiently supportive for my son. He folded over a bit and thus pressed me.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 30 degrees. I would recommend closing the buckle on the waist belt and using a laundry net.


The baby carrier from Be Lenka, was unfortunately not quite suitable for my two children. I think that it is only suitable from about size 68/74. With smaller babies, the pressure on the back by the strap attachment to the back part must be considered. With heavier children, I find that the belly strap does not provide enough support. The straps, on the other hand, are generally very comfortable.

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