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Nursing pillow from HOBEA Nursing pillow

I got from the company HOBEA the opportunity to test a breastfeeding pillow. Since I got the pillow free of charge, I have marked the article as advertising. I have nevertheless endeavored to test neutrally and would like to report here on my experiences. However, I have only been able to test the pillow during pregnancy. How I use it after birth, I will then add.

General information

Logo von HOBEA-Germany. Wir lieben Kinder.

HOBEA is a German manufacturer for various parent-child utensils such as breastfeeding clothes, covers or hanging chairs. The items can be purchased through the manufacturer directly, as well as through various online stores or baby specialty stores.

Most of the following information is taken from the manufacturer's website. The recommended retail price (RRP) is 49€, although the nursing pillow can also be purchased for under 40€ at Amazon, among other places. The covers can also be purchased separately.

The nursing pillow from HOBEA is available with different covers, which are washable without the pillow. The cover is made of 100% cotton, which makes washing very easy. Thus, the cover can be machine washed at 30 degrees.

The inner cover is white. The filling of the pillow consists of siliconized polyester hollow fibers, which makes the nursing pillow does not rustle. According to the manufacturer, the filling can be washed at 60 degrees, although it should not be dried in the dryer. According to HOBEA, it is also suitable for allergy sufferers.

The website states that the pillow has been tested by TÜV Nord and that it is manufactured in the EU. I could not find more details about this.

The pillow has a length of 190cm and is 38cm wide. The two ends can be connected by a button, which I find very convenient in some cases.

Trying it out

As already described at the top, I have so far used the pillow only as a storage pillow during pregnancy and will report on these experiences here and also how I imagine the use after birth.

I find the firmness of the nursing pillow very pleasant. It can be deformed well if I want to lay it down differently, but is otherwise pleasantly firm and thus provides support. It is also nice that it does not rustle, which has bothered me with other pillows.

Ich (schwanger) nutze das Kissen von HOBEA als Lagerunskissen vorne.

When sleeping, I used it as a side sleeper pillow. The length was more than sufficient for me, although I am also rather small. However, there was still quite a bit of room. To lay the belly on the pillow in the side position, however, it is too high. But I did not want that either.

Ich (schwanger) nutze das Kissen von HOBEA als Lagerunskissen hinten am Rücken.

Occasionally I have had the pillow also when lying on the back, so that had a rather backward inclined posture without lying immediately on the back. Both positions I felt with the pillow as pleasant, so I can recommend it as a storage pillow very well. Likewise, it was very comfortable when sitting on the sofa.

Ich teste das Stillkissen mit einer Demopuppe in der Wiegehaltung.

For breastfeeding use, I can imagine that it will be too high for me (as well as many other women) to really hold my baby. Then the baby would already have to lie completely sideways, which is not necessarily beneficial for breastfeeding. It is better if the bottom is lower than the head.

For support on the arm or back, on the other hand, it will certainly be very comfortable, although in this case it is more for storage than to help with breastfeeding itself.

The price-performance ratio of the breastfeeding pillow I find good, especially if it is bought already in the middle of pregnancy. It is certainly advantageous if a replacement cover is also available. It is also practical that it is quite easy to get.

However, whether it is also a relief for me when breastfeeding, remains to be seen.

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