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Natalie Clauss

Onbuhimo from Fidella

From the German manufacturer Fidella, I have already tested the Fusion as a full-buckle carrier for you. Today I present you the Fidella Onbuhimo. The manufacturer belongs to Nonomo, which produces the well-known spring cradles for babies and toddlers.

Information about the carrier and first impression

The carrier is available of one size and should fit, according to the manufacturer, from a height of 80cm. An upper limit is not written. This also coincides with my experience, although the bar width becomes relatively quickly too narrow, at the latest at size 92.

The manufacturer recommends the carrier from sitting age. I agree with this, because with this type of carrier there is increased pressure on the neck of the child.

However, since I have only ever carried very short distances with it, I did not find it so serious, especially since my son's hips were already fully mature at this point.

Der Fidella Onbuhimo. Eine Nahansicht des Design Outer Space.Der Fidella Onbuhimo. Eine Gesamtansicht der Tragehilfe.

As the name suggests, the carrier belongs to the Onbuhimos, a special type where there is no hip belt. The new price of the baby carrier is between 109€ and 139€. There are here, as with many other manufacturers, limited models, which are only available in a certain number of pieces, and standard models, which are always available.

Der Fidella Onbuhimo. Eine Detailansicht des Bändchens zum Einstellen der Stegbreite.Der Fidella Onbuhimo. Eine Nahansicht des Trägers.

The carriers are completely covered with sling, which also makes up the back part and the headrest. The straps are very lightly padded, as is typical for Fidella carriers. Meanwhile, a newer model has been developed, which has thicker padding on the straps, among other things. There are two adjustment options for the straps, also they could theoretically be detached from the back part with a buckle.

The neck buckle can be varied in height. The width of the bar is adjusted to the child by means of cords, the straps are knotted. The length can also be changed on the side using the same principle. However, I would recommend this only to a very limited extent, because it usually results in poorer support in the back area. In the neck, the width can also be changed in the same way. The headrest can be gathered so that it can be adjusted in size. Where the back of the child's knees sit, the Onbuhimo is lightly padded on the outside.

When wearing

Der Fidella Onbuhimo. Ein Tragebild mit Demopuppe beim Shooting mit CEWE-Color in Oldenburg.More photos in my gallery

I tested the carrier several times with my son. In the process, I was able to make very different experiences, similar to the Fusion from Fidella. Once I felt the very thin padding as very uncomfortable and I quickly got neck pain from carrying. This was of course favored by the fact that here also additionally missing the waist belt, which otherwise takes weight off.

Another time, the low padding was no problem at all and I could also carry an hour with it. Basically, the full weight load on the shoulders is initially unfamiliar.

Putting on the carrier is very easy, especially for children who can already walk, there are many options for this. Also, with the Fidella Onbuhimo, the bag never slipped away from me (even then the child would have been safe because of the straps, of course, but this way it is much more comfortable for the child), which was otherwise not automatically the case with other Onbuhimos.

Since I am very narrow and also rather small, the straps were too long for me, a higher carrying would certainly have been more comfortable. Here I can not correspond to the specifications of Fidella, because they write that the carrier fits well even with size XS.


The manufacturer recommends hand washing for the carrier. That's exactly how I washed it and never had any problems. It should also be dried lying down.


Ich trage meinen Sohn Noah auf dem Rücken im Fidella Obuhimo.

A big advantage of the carrier is that it takes up minimal space when carried in a handbag or backpack due to the low padding. For children who want only very briefly in between times in the stretcher, it can therefore be very suitable. For wearing comfort, I have made very different experiences, as well as the parents in my carrying consultations, which is why I recommend here, as with all carrying aids, the previous testing.

The system itself, represents overall a significantly greater shoulder load than other systems. I am glad that Fidella has thought about how the Onbuhimo can be further developed and I am already excited to test the new version.

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