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Natalie Clauss

Questions about carrying [Part 1]

How long can I wear my baby at a time?

In general, there is no limit to how long you can wear your baby. I know some mothers who carried their babies for six to eight hours a day in the beginning. Newborns in particular benefit greatly from a lot of closeness; their heartbeat becomes calmer, their temperature regulates and their stress hormones drop.

In principle, the needs of the child should always be taken into account. So if it becomes restless because it is hungry or has to pee, the needs should be met accordingly. With increasing age, the baby also has the need to move more and try things out.

How long do I have to wait after birth before I can carry my baby?

Not at all! If there is no medical reason why you should not carry your baby, you can theoretically do so immediately after birth. Medical contraindications for the mother would be, for example, a caesarean section. This is a serious abdominal operation, so it is usually better to wait a little before carrying the baby.

As a rule, however, many women can carry their baby in a sling or a baby carrier after one week at the latest. It is important to always pay attention to your own needs and your own body.

As described above, the baby benefits greatly from being carried, as it can feel the tightness in the tummy, which conveys a sense of security.

When can I start carrying on my back?

In a sling, the baby can be carried on the back from birth. The correct tying method and safe handling of the sling and baby are important here. In the sling, it is usually said that you should wait a little longer, because it usually does not adapt to baby and wearer quite as well as a sling.

The guideline here is safe head control, which is achieved at about three to four months. You should feel secure with carrying on your back (generally with carrying as well). Tension would be transferred to the baby, which in turn leads to more stress for you.

Up to what age can I carry my child?

Again, there is no limit. In general, the muscles in the back and abdomen get stronger as the baby gets heavier. It is important that the baby is carried regularly, otherwise this is not possible. Some parents stop carrying when the child is about two years old. Some children then no longer want to do this, but some parents also find it too difficult because they no longer want to be carried so often. This causes the muscles to break down again and pain to occur more quickly.

However, as long as mother or father and the child feel comfortable with being carried, there is nothing to be said against it. Especially in case of illness or exhaustion, a sling or a baby carrier can be of great advantage.

Do I spoil my child too much when I carry it?

No, you don't. Children cannot be spoiled with non-material goods for at least the first two years, according to one study (I doubt this is possible later).

Babywearing, just like breastfeeding, promotes bonding between mother, or in this case father, and the baby or toddler. Meanwhile, it has been further found out that bonding is the basis for further development and the formation of self-confidence. So carry your baby as long as you feel comfortable with it!

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