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Natalie Clauss

Questions about wearing [Part 3]

Some questions are repeated in many of my babywearing consultations. So here is part 3 of the most frequently asked questions about babywearing.

Can my child take out his arms while being carried?

I can't give a general answer to this question. With newborns or even small babies, the arms must be in the carrier or sling, because even the safer head control, even when they are awake, is difficult over a longer period of time. It is important, if children want to be carried with arms outside, that they have adequate trunk control. This means that they can hold their head and also their upper body enough that it does not need to be supported by our hands. If the child falls asleep, it is important that the head can then be well supported again, because no one can hold their head while asleep.

Why is a suitable bar width so important?

When babies are born, their hips are not yet fully developed and are only ossified at two points. As the infant develops, the soft cartilage increasingly becomes hard bone. This process happens between the 3rd and 9th month of life. In order for the hip to ossify evenly now, it is important that the head of the femoral neck sits completely in the socket of the hip. I achieve this with what is known as the squat-straddle posture. The bar width must be adjusted appropriately (at least until the hip is fully mature, even longer would be better) to ensure the Anhock-Spreiz-Haltung.

What is the perfect carrier or carrying option?

I'm sorry to disappoint you. Perfect is relative and there is not THE perfect carrier that fits all parents and babies equally well. Yes, there are carriers and tying methods that generally allow for an ergonomic position for the baby and also for the wearer. However, this does not mean that this is also comfortable or that this carrying option meets the wishes and needs of the parents. Not everyone wants to tie a sling and not everyone wants a sling to buckle. So there is really only one thing that helps: try it out!

Should I buy a baby carrier or a sling during pregnancy?

In general, it can make sense to buy a sling or baby carrier before the birth. Especially if you want to carry in a sling and have already tried it out, so that it confirms your desire, it makes sense to buy the sling already, in order to have it ready to hand. Carriers can also be bought before the birth. However, I would recommend testing them during pregnancy to at least get an impression of how they fit and how they feel when worn. However, the more advanced the pregnancy is when testing, this feeling can also be somewhat distorted. Also, the proportions of your own child may still be somewhat different than the doll from testing. This hardly plays a role with the sling, because it is always adapted directly to the child.

Which length do I need?

I have written another article here about the appropriate length of the sling, in which I explain what different lengths there are, why it makes sense and what could be the right length for you.

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