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Natalie Clauss

Questions about wearing [Part 4]

It's been quite a long time since I started writing down and answering questions that I often encounter in my babywearing consultations. For example, when can I start carrying my child on my back and do I spoil my child by carrying it? Now I have five more questions for you that you may have asked yourself.

Do I need more than one sling or carrier, or both?

No. Basically, one baby carrier is perfectly sufficient. In fact, most parents only have one sling or carrier. Some parents use a sling at home and a baby carrier when out and about. Or they have two different slings in different lengths for different ways of tying. And then there are those parents who have several carriers and/or slings at home, simply because they find them beautiful and like to change them. But this is not necessary!

Is it better to buy new or can I just as well buy used?

A new purchase I find here not absolutely necessary. Especially slings are already somewhat softer and "registered" if they have been used before. In general, carriers and slings are very durable if they are treated gently. As long as there are no holes or the like, it is good to buy used.

Why is the price difference between new and used often baby carriers or slings so small?

Carriers and slings usually have no or hardly any defects even after many years of use. Rather on the contrary, they have become pleasantly soft, as already written above. Some models are also limited, that is, produced only in a certain number of pieces. If I want to buy such a model, it can then be a bit more expensive. Sometimes these were even sold above the original price.

Can I also breastfeed while wearing it?

Yes, this is possible in principle. It does not work for every mom and not for every baby. In general, however, you can breastfeed with a sling or ring sling as well as with a baby carrier. For some it is easier than for others, but each mom feels a little different about that, too. You can find a more detailed article on this topic here.

Can I also carry my child lying down?

I would only recommend it in a very limited way, but it is possible. When carrying a lying baby, ergonomic aspects such as a squat-spread posture are not fulfilled. In addition, breathing can be restricted, especially with larger babies, because the head is pressed towards the chest. I would therefore always advise upright carrying from birth. In rare exceptional cases, lying down can also be a short-term solution, but rather as a support for breastfeeding with a very loose sling. However, it must always be ensured that the airways are clear.

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