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Sizing guide for slings

If you've ever wanted to buy a sling, you know the problem: What size do I need? Or you got the sling as a gift, in which case the length may not fit either. I would like to give you here a help for the different cloth sizes.

Which lengths or sizes are there at all?

There are usually eight standard sizes for slings. Depending on the manufacturer, it is possible that very short slings are not produced. I'll list the different sizes with the lengths for you here:

As you can see, there are always 50cm more. Depending on the manufacturer, small differences in the cloth lengths are possible. With some manufacturers there are also intermediate sizes such as 5 short (i.e. a short size 5, then lies between size 4 and size 5) or similar. But this is not relevant at first. For handwoven cloths, usually only the length is specified or actually woven as desired.

Why are different lengths necessary?

Natalie Clauss trägt eine Demopuppe in der Kängurubindeweise.The kangaroo weave

Of course, I could just say I'll buy the longest cloth, then I can do anything with it. To a certain extent, there is something to it, but tying with slings that are clearly too long is usually very cumbersome. The standard size for slings is actually size 6, so I can make any binding method, for example. But more about that later. There are tying methods that require less cloth. Mostly these are single layer tying methods. A very long sling would be much more complicated and tying would probably take longer. So the length of the sling depends on the tying method, as well as the size of the wearer's clothes.

So what length do I need?

I'm going by the dress sizes of women, because they usually wear more. I will describe the most popular ways of tying the sling : Wrap Cross Sling, Kangaroo, Single Backpack and Double Hammock. For the Single Back pack and the Double Hammock, i.e. back binding methods, the specification always applies without a finish, or "finish", as this requires more length. These are recommendations, they do not claim general validity.

Natalie Clauss trägt ihren Sohn in der WickelkreuztrageThe wrap cross stretcher

Up to dress size 36

If you have a dress size up to size 36, a sling in size 5 is sufficient for the wrap-around cross -carry. For the Simple Backpack and the Kangaroo, a sling in size 3 should be sufficient. The Double Hammock can be tied well with a size 6.

Up to size 42

For those with a size up to size 42, a sling in size 6 is suitable for the wrap-around cross-carry. The Single Backpack and the Kangaroo should be able to be tied with a size 4 and for the Double Hammock a sling in size 6 or even size 7 is suitable.

Up to size 50

From size 44 to approx. 50 I would recommend a cloth in size 7 for the wrap-around cross carry. The Kangaroo and the Simple Backpack you can tie with a cloth in size 5. For the Double Hammock or other multi-ply tying methods, a sling in size 7 should be suitable.

Natalie Clauss trägt ihren Sohn im Double HammockThe Double Hammock

How wide are slings?

Slings vary in width from manufacturer to manufacturer. The standard width is between 60cm and 80cm. Some manufacturers also offer slings in different widths. There are also special premature baby slings that are narrower. These usually have a width of about 45cm.

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