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Natalie Clauss

Smart Bottoms Cloth Diaper Overpants

Information/ Description

Eine Fotostrecke mit vier Bildern zur Too Smart Überhose von Smart Bottoms. Es sind Nahaufnahmen von den Gummizügen an den Beinbündchen und vom Design vorhanden.

The diaper I tested from Smart Bottoms is an overpant, meaning it is only the wetness-protecting outer layer and requires an absorbent pad in the form of a muslin diaper, prefold or similar.

I got some information for my review from SmartBottomsWebsite, which is why I'm linking it here.

The overpants are growable (one-size) and can therefore be adjusted in the waist height to the size of the baby or toddler with the help of snaps. The width of the belly of this overpants is also changed with snaps. On the legs, it has double leg cuffs, which is to prevent liquid from leaking out. Another elastic band is located on the back, which also serves as leakage protection but also the better fit.

According to the manufacturer, the overpants should fit from 5 to 16 kg. In terms of price, the cloth diaper overpants from Smart Bottoms is about 22€. This makes it a little more expensive than some other overpants. Basically, however, not many overpants are needed, as they can be used multiple times.


There is usually not much to write about the material of overpants, since it is only the wetness-protecting outer layer.

Eine Fotostrecke mit drei Bildern zur Too Smart Überhose von Smart Bottoms. Die Überhose ist von vorne, hinten und von innen mit Einlage zu sehen.

This consists of the overpants of Smart Bottoms from polyurethane laminate (PUL). Inside this is double stitched on the abdomen and back, so that the soak liner can be tucked inside. This is to prevent or reduce the insert from slipping. The snaps also have a second layer sewn in, which serves as reinforcement so that the snaps do not tear out.

In the test

I have tested the overpants several times. I used different soaks in the process. First, I put a panty diaper under the overpants for my son, who weighs about 12 kg. Here I used the Bamboozle from TotsBots in size M. After the night, my son had clear pressure marks.

Since I also tested the pant diaper several times afterwards and no pressure points appeared there, it must have been the combination. Consequently, I personally would no longer use these two together. Then I tested the overpants with prefolds in size 3 from Avo&Cado. Since I had also wrapped like this at night, I can directly compare the results. Here were as good as no pressure points recognizable. Also, the clothes had not drawn wetness, the overpants had remained tight, even if the soaker was well saturated. I liked this combination very much.

Washing/ Drying

When washing the cloth diaper, I could not find any problems. Drying was also uncomplicated, as it is a water repellent fabric. It was therefore completely dry again after a very short time.


The fit of the Too Smart overpants from Smart Bottoms in our case was dependent on the absorbent pad. With panty diapers, it did not convince me personally, as it came to clear pressure points. In combination with prefolds, however, I found them very good. It did not leak on us, which also speaks for a good fit. The design is appealing and there are several different models. Price-wise, I think they are okay. Overall, an overpants with a few drawbacks, but especially with Prefold users simply top!

The tested diaper is a now obsolete version. The new Smart Bottoms overpants has changed slightly from the cut.

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