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That is why babywearing advice is useful

From May 8 to May 14, 2017 is European Babywearing Week 2017. In the course of EBW I have prepared several blog articles for you.

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When I talk to people who don't have children or whose children are already out of the house or are in a completely different situation in the first place, I am sometimes asked why parents do babywearing counseling or why they need it.

The answer to this question varies and always depends on what the parents want from the counseling. First of all, I had already written in the last post that babywearing brings many advantages. By the way, physically disabled children are also carried and often for much longer. That alone makes it clear how much the parents and the children can benefit from carrying, because it is so much more than pure transportation. I had also written that anyone can carry. But in the meantime, unfortunately, carrying is no longer such a matter of course in our society, so that it is no longer passed down from generation to generation, such as tying a baby sling. But even that would not always have to be the right way, because all parents have different needs, after all, and so the perfect way of t ying or carrying for one does not have to be the right thing for the other and vice versa. Carrying has become very diverse, so that everyone can find a suitable carrying option tailored to themselves. This is where babywearing consultants can help. They are trained in different ways of tying, know very many carrying aids and can adjust them. Because of the extensive range, parents can finally try out how it fits best for them, get professional guidance and individual assistance and tips for everyday life. Many babywearing consultants also offer the rental of the favorite baby carrier or sling, so that it can first be tested in everyday life before it is finally purchased. This way, parents can be sure that it will fit them and avoid making the wrong purchase. When I consider how much a baby carrier costs, it adds up to quite a bit, especially if it's not just one bad purchase.

For the cost factor I have prepared a small comparison for you:

No, not every stroller costs 1000€, but most parents don't buy a sling, two carriers and a ring sling either. The calculation is only exemplary for clarification.

But there are also some parents who give up in resignation after the first failed carrying attempts, be it because the carrier does not fit or is not properly adjusted or also because the parents are unsure when tying the sling and feel overwhelmed. There are many more reasons for this. However, if an appointment is made with a babywearing consultant beforehand, this resignation does not have to happen. She addresses the wishes and individual problems and gives appropriate tips. In the carrying consultation, the carrying aids and/or the tying of the sling are practiced calmly with a demo doll that weighs about as much as the baby. This makes the parents more relaxed, and the babies too, of course, because mom (and dad) can first practice until they feel confident. Finally, they try it out with their own baby to see together with the babywearing consultant whether everything is working well or whether any other questions have arisen that can then be clarified. A babywearing consultant is familiar with the anatomy and development of babies, so her theoretical knowledge always professionally underlines the practice. Also in special cases, such as a premature baby, a parent who is in a wheelchair, herniated disc or similar, babywearing consultants can help, because they look at all families individually and look for the right solution and carrying option together with them.

In summary, parents even save money with a babywearing consultation, as there are no bad purchases. In addition, it usually does not come to the fact that the carrying is frustrated abandoned, because the carrying consultant is also available after the consultation in case of problems. Furthermore, most parents feel more confident in dealing with their baby while carrying after a consultation, which also transfers to the baby and leads to more satisfaction.

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