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Natalie Clauss

The great breastfeeding insole test [Part 2]

After I presented models from Petit Lulu and Imse Vimse in the last part of the nursing pad test, now follow cloth nursing pads from disana and Alana. These are very widely available and are also easy to get outside of the internet.

Alana (dm)

Alana is a dm own brand that produces organic clothing for babies and children. Accordingly, the products are sold exclusively through dm drugstores and their online store All garments are GOTS-certified, which means they meet certain ecological and social standards, such as the main use of natural fibers and the use of cotton from controlled organic cultivation.

Stilleinlagen Alana dm. Aufnahme einer Seite.Stilleinlagen Alana dm. Aufnahme der anderen Seite.

Alana nursing pads are available in many dm stores and cost €2.95 per pair. They are made of 50% organic cotton and 50% bourette silk and are produced in 2 layers. Due to the silk content, they should only be washed by hand. From Alana there are also nursing pads made of 100% cotton. They both have no integrated wetness protection. In addition, they have a diameter of 12cm.

Compared to others, the nursing pads from Alana are rather thin. Thus, they wear little and are generally relatively little visible under the Kleidunng. However, wrinkles quickly arise, which could then be visible. If I make sure to put the pads back "neatly", the wrinkles can be avoided. The nursing pads do not stick to the skin and are very breathable. In terms of absorbency, I would classify them in the medium range. With very large amounts of milk, they are soaked through, but otherwise they have sufficed well. After washing, the nursing pads deform a bit, but can easily be pulled back into shape.

Disana (wool-silk)

The disana company was founded in 1982. Thus, the following quote can be found on the website

[...] This enthusiasm and this joy in working with pure natural fibers have now been the focus of our activities for over 30 years. [...]

Originally, disana only produced baby and children's textiles, using natural fabrics wherever possible. In the meantime, the manufacturer's popularity and product range have grown significantly, so that disana products are now available in over 50 countries (outside of online stores).

Stilleinlagen disana Wolle-Seide. Aufnahme einer Seite.

disana offers different variants of nursing pads. The pads I was allowed to test are made of silk and virgin wool. The silk is on the outer sides, the inner part is made of wool. These are 3-ply nursing pads, so they look the same from both sides. Because of the silk part, they should also be hand washed. I had thereby the variant with a diameter of 14cm, whereby they are also available in smaller size with 11cm diameter. In addition, there are also inserts made of organic cotton and microfiber from disana. As written above, the nursing pads are very common. At they cost 7,90€ per pair.

In the test I had the "large" nursing pads from disana, but they are too big for me and I would prefer the smaller ones so that nothing of them is visible from the bra or clothing. Overall, the pads are very soft and comfortable on the skin. They do not stick and are breathable. Due to the thickness they wear slightly, but without wrinkles they are still barely noticeable under clothing. I have to pay less attention to the fact that they lie neatly compared to the nursing pads from Alana. The absorbency is very good here, so even larger amounts of milk could be caught. Also with the inserts from disana it comes after washing to slight deformation.

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