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Natalie Clauss

Tula Carrier

I had again the opportunity to participate in a test trip and was now again allowed to test a toddler carrier. This time I had a stretcher of the manufacturer Baby Tula here.

Information about the manufacturer and the carrier

Baby Tula is an American company, which is now a subsidiary of the manufacturer Ergobaby. As I can read on the website, the two founders initially produced their carriers only for family and friends. But in the process, they realized that they had found a passion with it and expanded production. In the meantime, Baby Tula carriers are sold worldwide.

The Tula Carrier is available in Standard and Toddler sizes. According to the manufacturer, the Standard size fits babies from 3kg with a newborn insert and 7kg without, and can be used up to 20kg. Toddler is said to eventually fit from 11 to 27kg. I find that kilo specifications are not very meaningful overall. Rather, you should look at the baby's proportions and size to judge if the carrier fits.

The Tula Carrier is a full-buckle carrier, so it is completely buckleable. Price-wise, it is priced at $169 in the toddler size, which is about 145€. The standard size is a bit cheaper at 139$ (about 119€). This puts it in the middle price range for baby carriers.

Tula Carrier. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts.Tula Carrier. Detailaufnahme der abnehmbaren Kopfstütze.

The belly strap is slightly wider in the front than on the sides, which should allow for better weight distribution. In the middle is a small pocket for keys, cell phone or similar sewn on. The waist belt closes on the padding on the side.

The bar width is not adjustable on this carrier. At the back of the knees, the fabric of the back part is lightly padded. A head support can be attached to the top of the back section with snap fasteners, which can be attached to the straps with snap fastener straps.

Tula Carrier. Detailaufnahme der Trägeransätze am Rückenteil.

The straps have two adjustment options. Firstly, they have padding buckles at the top of the straps and secondly, they can be tightened at the bottom. The straps are firmly sewn to the side of the back part. The connecting buckle is adjustable in height.

When wearing

Tula Carrier. Mein Mann trägt unseren 4-jährigen Sohn auf dem Rücken.

My husband tested the Tula Carrier with our 4 year old son who wears size 104 and weighs about 14kg. The bar width was a little bit too narrow for him, but at his age that is not as significant. The legs did not point down, which I think is even more important. The back part still fit well in terms of length. He could have both arms in and out and it was comfortable for him. We didn't need the headrest, but it didn't bother us either.

For my husband, the carrier was very comfortable. He said that he hardly felt the weight of our son. There were no pressure points on the belly strap or the straps. However, tightening the straps was almost impossible for him. When carrying on the back, this has to be pulled backwards, which is hardly possible as an arm movement with strength. So I had to help him with this. He had then tightened this webbing to the end. For larger people, this is certainly easier. Better I would still find, however, if in both directions could be tightened.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 30 degrees. I would recommend machine washing to close the buckle on the waist belt and use a laundry net.


The Tula Carrier in Toddler is a very comfortable carrier for large and heavier children, making it truly a toddler carrier. For smaller babies, I would like to see an adjustable bar width and an attachment of the carriers to the waist belt. However, this is not necessary here. To adjust the length of the straps I have already described above how it could be solved even better.

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