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Natalie Clauss

Volgasling Birds Maxi Primordial Dew

I was again allowed to test a sling of a Russian manufacturer. In this article I report on my experiences with the sling Birds Maxi Uraltau by Volgasling.

Overview of the sling

Information about the cloth and the manufacturer

I could hardly find any information about the manufacturer Volgasling. The slings from Volgasling can be bought on the one hand via an Etsy store, on the other hand they are available at various other stores. The store on Etsy exists since 2015, which is why I assume that Volgasling was also founded in this year. The slings are not sold on their own website. In Europe, slings from Volgasling can be ordered, for example, through the Polish store

Volgasling. Detailaufname des Logos.Volgasling. Aufnahme des teilweise aufgerollten Tragetuchs

The sling was released on January 1, 2016 as a limited edition. It is new but still available at various stores, available. It costs in size 6 about 95€. The bird motif is still available in other color combinations. The motif is also available in smaller version. The sling was made with the weaving technique Triweave ("triple weave").

The weight per unit area is 235g/m², which puts it in the medium range. Thus, it could also be well suited for newborns. The test sling, which I had here, however, still seemed relatively firm, since I was one of the first testers and it was thus probably still little bound.

Volgasling. Detailaufname des Motivs.

The motif shows, as the name suggests, birds. These are facing each other as pairs and are mirrored on both axes. In addition, plant elements are recognizable. It is repeated across the entire width of the cloth. In terms of color, the Birds Maxi Uraltau has been chosen for orange and cream.

When worn

Volgasling. Ich trage meinen 3-jährigen Sohn im Einfachen Rucksack auf dem Rücken.Volgasling. Detailaufnahme des Tuchs während ich meinen 3-jährigen Sohn in der Wickelkreuztrage vor dem Bauch trage.

I was able to test the sling with my 3-year-old son in various tying methods such as the wrap-around cross-carry, the single backpack or the double hammock. The rather low weight per unit area was hardly noticeable, probably because it has not been worn much. Tightening went well, no cloth slipped and I could hold it well. I prefer multi-ply tying because of my son's weight, but single-ply tying was also comfortable when worn for a shorter period of time.

I think that tying with the little demo dolls from my babywearing consultations goes even better when the sling has already been worn more. This makes it softer and more snug. Also, the tightening is much easier when the weight is low. Because of the firmness, a lot of fabric piled up in the back of the knees despite the low basis weight.


The sling may be washed according to the manufacturer at 30 degrees in the washing machine. I washed it once by hand, thereby I had no problems.


Volgasling. Ich trage meinen 3-jährigen Sohn im Einfachen Rucksack mit einem Finish auf dem Rücken

The sling Birds Maxi Uraltau from Volgasling has a good price-performance ratio, I could not see any qualitative defects. It is, if registered and thus softer, suitable for both newborns and older children. With increasing weight, I would recommend multi-layer binding.

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