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Natalie Clauss

About the diaper-free method and carrying

I am asked again and again whether I can combine wearing and diaper-free well or whether I should not put on a diaper with a sling or baby carrier. I have therefore written down my experiences in this article.

First of all, "diaper-free" does not necessarily mean that my baby should not wear diapers at all. Rather, it is a method that focuses on communication between parents (or other caregivers) and their baby regarding excretions. The background to this is that babies do not want to be "soiled" either and are therefore able to express when they need to. Many parents use a (cloth) diaper as a backup in case something does go wrong.

Learn about the diaper-free method in my online course

In the meantime, I have written an online course on the subject. You can register for this course on my website, get access data to the learning portal and learn the diaper-free method according to your schedule. You can find more information at my online course Diaper Free.

We often use a thin cloth diaper or a simple insert as a backup. This we needed sometimes more often, sometimes less. However, I find practicing diaper-free very easy, especially when wearing it. I am in direct physical contact with my baby and notice any restlessness or body tension much more quickly. Then I can take my baby out and stop him. My daughter, for example, often pushes away or "growls" when she has to and is being carried.

In the end, it didn't matter to me what I carried with. In the beginning, when the distance between signal and elimination was still very small, it was practical to use something that I could put down quickly. With a little practice, however, that goes really fast with both sling, ring sling and also different carrying aids.

If you don't want to use a backup, but at the same time are afraid of getting wet yourself, you can put a guest towel in between. Otherwise, I would recommend an easily washable material such as cotton for the carrying system and not too thick padding, so that in case of doubt it can be washed easily and no long drying time is required. I would do without rare, expensive materials or slings if my baby does not wear a diaper. Then the trouble would be great, should something go wrong.

For the clothes I recommend something "hold-off friendly" such as split pants, cuffs or long socks. For winter, there are special hold-off overalls that have a long zipper, so that the lower area can be opened easily and quickly.

In the beginning, I would also hold off once just after waking up and watch for signals in other ways as well.

Overall, it helps a lot to approach the whole topic without pressure and to take "accidents" with humor.

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