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Aspects of child development - prenatal

What development is in general, I have briefly introduced in this article. From now on, I would like to describe different areas of development. And because this already begins in the belly, I would like to talk first about prenatal development.

Prenatal development ultimately encompasses the entire development of the baby from the connection of two cells to birth. Pregnancy seems long to us? Then we should think about what is created and happens during this time.

During the first 2 weeks, the baby is called a zygote in medicine. This period begins with fertilization, ends with implantation in the uterus and is characterized by very rapid cell divisions. The baby is not usually visible on ultrasound at this time. Some women say that they could even feel the implantation in the form of a slight tugging or slight pain.

For the next 5 weeks, the baby is called an embryo from a medical perspective. This period is important for the formation of all organs and organ systems. From now on, the beating heart, for example, can be observed in the ultrasound. If this process is disturbed by so-called stressors or noxae, significant malformations can occur, which often lead to a miscarriage.

However, miscarriages can have many causes, and in most cases there is no apparent reason for the early end of the pregnancy. Dangerous noxae include, for example, radiation from X-rays or drugs such as alcohol. It should be clear that all these factors should be avoided during pregnancy. Unfortunately, it is still sometimes said that one glass of wine (per week) would not harm during pregnancy.

After the embryonic period, the unborn is now called a fetus or fetus. The physical structures that were laid out before are now maturing. The sensory organs also continue to develop or begin to develop (I will discuss sensory development in more detail in another article). In the fetal period the baby grows a lot and fast and especially the brain matures and grows. The structures of the central nervous system are formed, so that the baby can now also make the first sensorimotor experiences. We would say that the child is now already learning in the mother's womb.

In addition, the baby is already preparing to walk in the womb. Learning to walk is not a development that takes place within a few short weeks. No, in reality it takes many many months. Whenever the baby presses against the uterine wall with the soles of its feet, especially its big toe, it prepares itself for the pressure on its feet during walking. Initially in the weightlessness of amniotic fluid, later with more and more gravitational influence.

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