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Natalie Clauss

Breastfeeding and intuition

It is often said that breastfeeding babies intuitively works right after birth. This is also the case for many moms with their newborns, and they are a great breastfeeding team right from the start. But it is not uncommon for there to be difficulties at first. Nipples are sore or hurt, the baby isn't really gaining weight, isn't sucking properly or the milk isn't flowing properly. Is breastfeeding competence perhaps not only related to intuition and trust in our bodies and in nature?

We lack role models!

I believe that we probably carry a knowledge deep within us of how breastfeeding works. It's just that we don't always have access to this knowledge either and it can't always be retrieved.

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In "primitive peoples" breastfeeding is much more natural than in our society. In the end, there is no other option in many cases. Breastfeeding difficulties are much less common there. Breastfeeding is more present there. Children see their mothers, siblings and sometimes other children breastfeeding. They grow up with it and experience it over and over again. When living in the clan, there are also little babies breastfeeding all the time. Through this, girls grow up with it and boys too.

They see how babies drink, in what positions and in what rhythm. They can talk about it with other women. As a result, they develop a realistic view of babies' needs and feeding. They don't have to deal with this when they have their own baby.

At the same time, it is the case that in our society relatively few women breastfeed in public. And if they do, they do it as hidden as possible so that, if possible, no one sees "anything" either. In this context, I'll just throw out the following question: What are breasts actually for? Are they a "sex object" or do they not simply serve to nourish a baby? Men also walk around "topless" and don't have to hide their nipples. I do not mean that from now on all women should not wear tops. I just think that the taboo and the hiding is wrong and unnecessary, to put it briefly.

So we lack role models not only in our family or clan, but also in society in general. This would help breastfeeding regain a bit more normaility.

Support is needed!

At the same time, problems can also arise when we see breastfeeding women and babies again and again. Sometimes, with our own child, there are more questions and everything is simply different because we ourselves are responsible for a small being.

In close contact, however, difficulties and problems could be recognized early. My dream would be that no one would believe that breastfeeding hurts. That sore nipples are simply part of it. I wish women could seek help early and not be afraid of having failed. If difficulties are identified early, it is much easier to change something.

This is where support is needed, both emotional and professional. Moms need other moms to stand by her and competent professionals who can help with any technical issues.

Nowadays, breastfeeding is no longer just intuitive, I am convinced of that. It is often also a learning process. A learning process of a mom and her baby. And it's true, anything that feels good is okay. No one is bound to a position and a certain rhythm.

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