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Natalie Clauss

Buzzidil stretcher

The Buzzidil is the carrying aid of the Austrian manufacturer of the same name. Since I already have it for more than a year in my carrying advice assortment, I have now written here for you the test report about it.

Information about the Buzzidil carrier and first impression

Das Buzzidil. Eine Detailaufnahme des Logos, auf dem ein Krokodil zu sehen ist, der einen Babykrokodil trägt.Das Buzzidil. Eine Detailaufnahme der Träger.

The Buzzidil carrier is available in 3 different sizes. The size baby size should be from 0-18 months, the next size standard between 2 and 36 months and the size XL finally from 8 to 48 months. I find these specifications a bit difficult, since the sizes of children at different ages can be very different after all, so I would find size specifications more appropriate.

In my experience, the smallest size (baby size) usually does not fit up to an age of 18 months. At the latest at size 74/80, depending on proportions even earlier, you would have to change to the next size. The standard size, on the other hand, actually fits for a very long time and is usually very usable from size 62/68.

The Buzzidil belongs to the full-buckle carriers, because both the waist belt and the straps are closed with buckles. There are different generations of this carrier. In this review, I will introduce you to the New Generation, which is the most current. The carrier has been largely replaced by the Buzzidil Versatile, which I introduce to you in the article Buzzidil Versatile [review].

Das Buzzidil. Eine Detailaufnahme der Kopfstütze.Das Buzzidil. Eine Detailaufnahme der Gurtbefestigung am Rückenteil.

The new price of the carrying aid is usually just under 140€. This puts it in the medium cost range. As with many other manufacturers, there are several standard models, but also some limited models, which are available in limited quantities. It is also possible to have a Buzzidil custom made, which is then correspondingly more expensive.

In addition, the Buzzidil can also be purchased through other online stores, such as Natürlich Familie. Here it is available in various patterns already from 111,90€*.

Das Buzzidil. Eine Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts.Das Buzzidil. Eine Detailaufnahme der Steganpassung.

The straps of the carrier are covered with a cotton fabric and relatively thickly padded. The waist belt is tapered, which is supposed to distribute the weight better. The thickness of the padding and the strength here are in the middle range compared to other baby carriers. The straps can be attached to the back part, as well as to the abdominal belt. On the waist belt, the straps are attached relatively far forward. Buzzidil recommends attaching them to the belly strap for small babies, as this puts less pressure on the child's back and allows for an ergonomic curve.

Later, the straps can be attached to the back section, which changes the weight distribution. The straps can be tightened at the bottom with three different straps. Since one of these straps is double, loosening is usually a bit more difficult here. Laterally, the carrier can be easily adjusted with a small cord each in the upper area.

The width of the bar is also adjusted with the help of two cords. In the back of the child's knees, the carrier is additionally padded. The neck width can also be adjusted. Also, the very large head support can be gathered and attached to the straps. The neck buckle can be adjusted in height.

When wearing

Die Tragehilfe Buzzidil. Ein Tragebild mit Demopuppe beim Shooting mit CEWE-Color in Oldenburg.

I noticed when wearing and also in the carrying advice that the size baby size usually does not fit as long as indicated. Also, the baby carrier was usually not fitting especially for slim women. The main problem here was the neck buckle, which could not be tightened, so that it feels as if the straps slip, which quickly causes tension. Also in the length of the straps and the width of the waist belt, it was sometimes not sufficiently adjustable here. I myself got due to the points mentioned relatively quickly neck pain when wearing and also had the feeling of still have to support.

In the carrying consultations, the carrier was more suitable for corpulent women or men. Here, the Buzzidil could be adjusted very well. The padding and shape of the abdominal belt were found to be comfortable. The adjustment with the various belt systems sometimes seemed daunting. A very good feature of this carrier is the large adjustment option in the height of the neck buckle, so that it could be set much lower, for example, when carrying on the back.

Conclusion about the Buzzidil

The Buzzidil is more suitable for corpulent parents. For slender parents, the carrier can usually not be tightened sufficiently. In general, it allows the baby an ergonomic posture. The baby size is unfortunately much shorter usable than the manufacturer promises. Overall, if it fits well, it has a good price-performance ratio and is found comfortable even over a longer wearing time. I'm looking forward to testing the Buzzidil Versatile, as this is supposed to be a narrower cut overall. I will report back!

*Thisis an affilate link. If you purchase from the store, you get 5% off your first order and I get a small commission.
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