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Child button Easy Switch

The slings of Kindsknopf have many lovers, unfortunately I myself have not yet worn with one of the slings. However, I now had the opportunity to test the Easy Switch carrier as part of a test trip.

In the test report you can read why I found carrying as an Onbu the most comfortable and why I think the carrier is a great carrying option especially for small babies.


General information about the manufacturer Kindsknopf

Kindsknopf is a manufacturer from Austria. On the manufacturer's website,, I can read that Kindsknopf has two goals. On the one hand, they want to make everyday life with babies and children easier, but on the other hand, they also want to beautify.

On the website I also learn that the slings are produced in the highest quality. Likewise, I can read about various benefits of babywearing, such as need satisfaction for the babies and hands free for the parents. You can find more information about the manufacturer on Kindsknopf's About Us page.

In Kindsknopf's online store, you can find slings and ring slings, as well as the company's own baby carrier, clothing and baby blankets. I can also buy fabrics by the meter there.

Information about the baby carrier Easy Switch

The baby carrier Embrace me Easy Switch by Kindsknopf is a hybrid carrier. This means that it can be used as a full-buckle carrier or as an onbuhimo, a carrier without a belly strap.

The belly strap can simply be removed for this purpose. So that this is easier and the fabric is not damaged, counter Velcro pieces are already included.

The carrier is available in the sizes Babysize or Toddlersize. According to the manufacturer, the Babysize should fit from birth, about Gr.50/56 up to Gr.80/86. The Toddlersize on the other hand should fit from Gr.74/80 to about Gr.104.

Depending on the model, Easy Switch in Babysize is priced between 128€ and 160€, the Toddlersize costs 128€ and 179€. The offered models differ by the pattern. Some examples are"Arrows","1973","Snail Heart" or"Fux".

Presentation of the baby carrier in the video

In the following video I introduce you to the hybrid baby carrier Easy Switch from Kindsknopf.

More impressions of the baby carrier Easy Switch

You can get more photos of the baby carrier by clicking on the following photos, which highlight some details.

Der Bauchgurt der Easy Switch.Die Bauchgurtschnalle der Easy Switch.Die Bauchgurttasche der Easy Switch.Die Stegeinstellung der Easy Switch.Das Kniekehlenpolster der Easy Switch.Die Träger der Easy Switch.Die Trägerpolster der Easy Switch.Die Trägerschnalle der Easy Switch.Die Kopfstütze der Easy Switch.Die Easy Switch mit herausgenommenen Bauchgurt

My experiences with babywearing

Eine Detailaufnahme der Träger der Easy Switch von Kindsknopf während des tragens.

I have tested the carriers in different variations. I have mainly tried the carrier in Toddlersize with my daughter. My daughter currently wears size 86 and weighs just under 10kg.

I quickly discovered with her that the baby size is already clearly too small. The height of the back still fit quite well, but the bar width was already at least 3cm on each side too narrow. Depending on the proportions of the child, this size does not necessarily fit up to size 80/86.

Together with my daughter, I tested wearing in front of the belly and on the back as a full-buckle carrier, as well as Onbuhimo on the back.

The Toddlersize fit my daughter very well, but here was both from the back part length and from the bar width still significantly room to maneuver, so it would certainly fit for some time.

In the neck area, I found the carrier relatively wide and had to reduce it here a bit or use the headrest as a bolster.

For me personally, the variant as Onbuhimo was the most comfortable. The straps were very comfortable on the shoulder due to the thick, soft padding. When wearing the back in the full-buckle variant, I would have liked a tapered belly strap. Here, the belly strap would be slightly wider in the middle than on the sides.

In general, I write here of course from my very individual experiences. Whether the carrier would be the same for you when wearing, can only be said by trying and testing.

When I used the carrier in front of the belly as a full-buckle carrier, even longer carrying was comfortable, although I felt the pressure of the straps after some time. The straps were not uncomfortable under the armpit in any variation, as they run much lower and thus did not bother me.

I would possibly find wearing it with a strap attachment on the back (when used as a full-buckle carrier) even more comfortable. This is speculative at this point.

The attachment of the headrest was also uncomplicated for me when wearing on the back, I could easily get to the push button straps. The only thing that bothered me here was that the snaps "jingled" a bit. I also found it nice that it can be used so easily as a bolster.

With the demo doll in newborn size, the Easy Switch carrier could already be adjusted well and was also very comfortable for me.

Ich trage ein Baby mit der Easy Switch vor dem Bauch.Ich trage ein Baby mit der Easy Switch vor dem Bauch. Man sieht meinen Rücken.Eine Aufnahme vom Beutel der Tragehilfe, während ich meine Tochter in der Easy Switch von Kindsknopf vor meinem Bauch trage.Ich trage die Easy Switch als Onbu. Darin sitzt meine Tochter auf meinem Rücken.


Most models of the baby carrier Easy Switch can be washed at 30 degrees in the washing machine (care label note!). In addition, I would use a laundry net or alternatively a pillowcase as protection for the buttons and buckle.

The dryer should not be used with this carrier.


I found the Embrace me Easy Switch hybrid carrier from Kindsknopf comfortable to wear, especially as an onbuhimo. When carrying on the back, I found the belly strap a little uncomfortable and think that here for me personally a conical shaped belly strap would have been a little better comfortable.

The padding on the straps was really comfortable and distributed the weight well.

In the baby size I would say that it is usually a little shorter usable than it indicates the manufacturer. But for this it fits even with small newborns.

So all in all a very recommendable carrier!

Your opinion

Do you know the Easy Switch baby carrier from Kindsknopf? If so, what do you think of it when you wear it? Do you find it comparable to other carriers?

Is there anything else you would like to know about it that I haven't described or explained?

Feel free to let me know in a comment. I look forward to reading about it!

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