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Natalie Clauss

Cloth diapers from pitipo

There are now many cloth diapers on the market and there are always changes. Now I had the opportunity to look at diapers from the Lower Saxony manufacturer pitipo and would like to tell you in this article about the All-In-One diaper and pocket diaper. I will also introduce you to the manufacturer in more detail.

The manufacturer pitipo

The story of pitipo began, as I can read on the manufacturer's website, one evening on vacation. The family was sitting on a boat with their feet in the water when suddenly something touched their feet. At first they thought it was a fish, but it was actually a diaper.

This experience stuck with them and they began to research how long a disposable diaper takes to rot, how many diapers a child needs, and how much trash baby diapers make.

The idea grew to want to offer an alternative and sell their own cloth diapers. On the website I also learn that the owners can already offer more than a decade of experience in the fabric and textile industry with Lillestoff. The fabric motifs of Lillestoff certainly know very many.

Vorderseite des Flyers von pitipo.

And so the fabrics from Lillestoff have now also been used for pitipo 's cloth diapers.

It is important to the owners that the diapers are easy to use in order to ensure more sustainability by having as many parents as possible use the cloth diapers.

Aufnahme des Herstellerschildes.

About Lillestoff

As I indicated above, Lillestoff and pitipo have the same owners.

In 2010, the company Lillestoff is founded in Hanover, because no suitable fabrics for the required demands with organic quality and beautiful designs are found. I can look that up on the website

Lille is Swedish and means small. It shows that the fabrics are made for children. At least that's how they started. Lillestoff found a factory through a trade show in Munich and the company grew quickly in the time that followed.

In 2014, there was finally the first sewing festival of the manufacturer, namely the Lillestofffestival. This went on for two days and was attended by 1000 participant:s per day in the following years.

Since 2018, Lillestoff has its own digital printing facility so that it can now print the fabrics itself. Likewise, since 2018, there is the manufacturer's own sewing magazine, which contains patterns and photos of sewn clothing made from Lillestoff fabrics. The magazine, just like the fabrics, is also printed in Hanover.

Vorderseite des Flyers von Lillestoff.Rückseite des Flyers von Lillestoff.

In the online store of Lillestoff I can buy fabrics, patterns and sewing accessories.

The All-In-One-Diaper (AIO)

An All-In-One diaper, or AIO for short, is a complete diaper where all components are already sewn together. This means that the absorbent layer is firmly attached to the wetness protection. You can find more information about this cloth diaper system in my article about AIOs.

Flyerseite über die AIO.

The wetness protection is made of PUL. The absorbent layer is 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester. If you want to know more about the individual properties of the materials, you can find more information in my article Small material science - cloth diapers. The fabric is processed in small loops. The processing form and the material make the diaper very soft inside.

Aufnahme der AIO von innen.Detailaufnahme des Saugmaterials.Aufnahme der Windel an einem Dummy.

An insert of the AIO can be put into a small pocket in the diaper, so that it cannot slip. However, if more absorbency is needed in a certain area, it does not have to be placed in the pocket, but can also be placed directly on the diaper. Especially for children with neurodermatitis, it is recommended to put the insert in the pocket to avoid friction caused by additional seams. The insert is otherwise firmly sewn to the diaper, as is always the case with AIOs.

Aufnahme der Tasche in der Windel für die Saugeinlage.

What is practical about the removable insert is that drying after washing is thus faster, because there are not so many layers of fabric directly on top of each other.

Aufnahme der Saugeinlage.

The AIO closes with Velcro and has counter Velcro inside to secure it during washing, so the rest of the laundry and the diaper itself are not damaged during the washing process.

Aufnahme des Klettverschlusses.Aufnahme des Gegenkletts innen.

According to the manufacturer, the diaper can be washed at 40 degrees.

Aufnahme des Waschetiketts.

On the legs, the AIO from pitipo has double leg cuffs. At the back, the diaper has by a gathering by means of elastic band and also a leakage protection. At the front, the size of the AIO can be adjusted with three push buttons to three different body heights and is thus growing along. The manufacturer writes that it can be used from 3.5kg to 16kg.

Aufnahme der Beinbündchen.Aufnahme der Beinbündchen an einem Dummy.Aufnahme des Rückenbündchens.Aufnahme der AIO von obenAufnahme der Windel von oben an einem Dummy.Aufnahme der Druckknöpfe zur Verstellung der Leibhöhe.

The diaper has an Oeko-Tex 100 certificate. This is a label for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Aufnahme des Schildes mit Oeko-Tex Zertikikt.

The pocket diaper

A pocket diaper is a pocket diaper, which means that the inserts have to be put into a pocket and thus cannot slip. This means that the wetness protection and the absorbent layer are not firmly attached to each other.

Flyerseite über die Pocketwindel.Aufnahme der Windel an einem Dummy.

As with the AIO, the wetness protection in the pocket diaper is also made of PUL. The inner layer, which forms the pocket for the inserts, is made of 100% polyester, processed in fleece form.

Detailaufnahme des Materials innen.

With the pocket diaper you can buy four inserts in two different sizes. There is a small and a large insert made of 90% cotton(kbA) and 10% polyester, whereby the material is processed in loop form and thus high-fleece. The other two inserts, also a small and a large insert, are made of 90% bamboo viscose and 10% polyester, with the same processing form. The absorbent properties of cotton and bamboo viscose are similar.

Aufnahme der Windel innen mit Einlagen

With the pocket diaper, you typically put the insert you need into the pocket. This is located in the back area of pitipo. You can use one or more inserts here. Alternatively, you can put the inserts on top of the diaper, not in the pocket, and use the diaper more as an overpant.

Aufnahme der Taschenöffnung.Aufnahme beim Einstecken von Einlagen.

The small inserts are suitable if you still have a small baby and the diaper is reduced in the waist height. For larger babies, the larger inserts are the best choice. The small inserts can be used as an additional booster.

Alternatively, you can of course use any other inserts you may already have at home.

Just like the All-In-One diaper, the Pocket diaper is closed with Velcro and there is a counter Velcro inside the diaper as a washing protection. According to the manufacturer, the diaper can be washed at 40 degrees.

Aufnahme des Klettverschlusses.Aufnahme des Gegenkletts.

On the legs, the pocket diaper has simple cuffs. In the back of the diaper is also a light elastic to prevent leakage to the back. The waist height can be adjusted to three different levels. It is therefore a one-size diaper that grows with the child. According to the manufacturer, the diaper can be used from 3.5kg to 16kg.

Aufnahme von Beinbünchen.Aufnahme der Beinbündchen an einem Dummy.Aufnahme des Rückenbündchens.Aufnahme der Windel von oben an einem Dummy.Aufnahme der Leibhöhenverstellung.Aufnahme der Leibhöheneinstellung in kleinster Größe.

This diaper also has an Oeko-Tex 100 certificate.

Aufnahme des Oeko-Tex Zertifikats.

Accessories and more in the store

In addition to the AIO and the pocket diaper, there are various boosters in the store, which I have already described as inserts in the paragraph about the pocket diaper. These are available in packs of 10.

In addition, you can buy 100% cotton washcloths from pitipo. You can use these as a wet wipe substitute. For the storage of used cloth diapers you can find a wetbag in the online store. You can continue to use this after the diaper change time, for example, for wet bathing clothes or the like.

Some parents use diaper fleece for babies who are already eating complementary food to catch the coarsest stool. You can also find this in the online store of the brand Grünspecht. In addition, also offers a baby wash gel from Töpfer.


I really liked the diapers from pitipo and if I had a baby right now, I would love to try them out. The workmanship of the diapers is without flaws, the fabrics look high quality and the patterns from Lillestoff are really very nice!

Aufnahme des Herstellerschildes.

If you have already tried the diapers from pitipo, I would be very interested in your experiences. Feel free to leave me a comment.

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