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Natalie Clauss

Cybex Yema Tie

After I have long waited for this baby carrier, here comes the test report on the Yema Tie from Cybex. Many parents know the child car seats and strollers of the manufacturer, but he has for some time also various baby carriers with in the range.

About the manufacturer Cybex

Cybex is a now very large company, which was founded in Germany in 2004. On the website I can read what is particularly important to Cybex in the manufacture and development of its products: design, safety and quality, as well as functionality. This principle of innovation, as it is called on the website, has already received several awards.

In addition, since 2014 Cybex and Goodbaby International Holdings Limited belong together. From the latter there are various children's and youth products.

From Cybex, there are other baby carriers in addition to the Yema Tie. Otherwise, Cybex is known for its child car seats, baby carriages and strollers, as I mentioned briefly at the beginning.

Information about the Yema Tie baby carrier

Yema Tie is a half-buckle carrier, which is a carrier with a buckle belly strap and straps to tie. The carrier is also available as a full-buckle carrier (completely buckled). It is then called Yema Click.

In Cybex 's online store, the carrier costs from €189, depending on the model. It is also available in some baby specialty stores and online stores. It belongs to the rather high-priced baby carriers. Other baby carriers from the manufacturer are slightly cheaper.

Cybex Yema Tie. Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts.Cybex Yema Tie. Detailaufnahme der Stegeinstellung innen am Bauchgurt.

The waist belt is relatively firm and well padded. It is closed on the side of the pad with a buckle. The bar adjustment is made by Velcro on the inside of the waist belt.

Cybex Yema Tie. Detailaufnahme des Rückenteils.Cybex Yema Tie. Detailaufnahme des Trägeransatzes.

The back part of the carrier is mostly made of a soft fabric that gives a little. In addition, the wings, which are typical for this baby carrier, can be seen on the side. The wings are made of a firm material and are slightly padded. A headrest can be hidden under the wings. For fastening while carrying, there are small hooks on carriers, which can be changed in height.

The straps are very narrow compared to other carriers. Initially, they are quite firm and underpadded. Later, the carrier fabric is slightly elastic and pleasantly soft.

When wearing

Cybex Yema Tie. Ich trage meine Tochter vor dem Bauch.

I was able to test the carrier with my almost 5-month-old daughter. She currently wears size 68 and weighs about 6.5kg. I have tried Yema Tie in front of the belly and on the back.

The bar was easy to adjust and the hidden adjustment means there are no wrinkles on the tummy strap. The soft fabric on the back fit well and allowed for a natural rounding of the back. I personally find the fabric on the side of the wings a bit stiff.

When worn in front of the belly (with the straps crossed over), the wings stood out a bit, limiting my daughter's view. For me, the straps were comfortable on my shoulders, although they are very narrow. The soft fabric did not cut in on me. I found the waist strap to be a bit squeezing, even though I loosened it up a bit.

When I wore my daughter on her back, she could see much better because of the straight straps. However, the straps did not rest well on my shoulder then. They just lay on the inside and stood out on the outside. This created a punctual pressure. In addition, I felt the firm padding of the straps by the protrusion under the armpits as uncomfortable. I was also bothered by the firmness of the waist strap when wearing it on my back.


According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 30 degrees. I myself washed it only by hand, where no problems occurred. I would recommend closing the buckle when washing.

Conclusion about the Yema Tie from Cybex

Unfortunately, Yema Tie by Cybex does not fit my proportions well, so the carrier was not quite right for either my daughter or me. In the front my daughter could not see well, on the back the straps press me. Here again it becomes clear how individual the wearing feeling is with individual carriers. I would therefore recommend testing a baby carrier before buying.

Basically, the Yema Tie fulfills all aspects that are relevant for ergonomic babywearing.

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