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Experiences with the MaMo from MamaMotion

For some time now, there have been more and more so-called module carrying aids on the market. Modular carriers can be put together individually and adapted to your own needs and wishes. For example, the straps and/or the back part can be exchanged.

One of the first of these carriers is the MaMo, which is manufactured and sold by MamaMotion.

In this article I will introduce you to the MaMo. You will learn why the carrier is so popular in my consultations and what I am still missing with it. I explain the features and the different options of the carrier and show you in a video how to assemble the carrier.


Information about the manufacturer MamaMotion

MamaMotion is, as I can read on the website, an owner-managed family business. But what is behind it and how did it come about?

When Kerstin and Ronald had their first child, they were looking for a suitable jacket extension to carry their baby in their jacket. This is how the jacket extension Kumja was born, where Kumja stands for Come under my jacket.

In the following time the company MamaMotion was founded and the first Kumjaswere produced in Vietnam.

The company grows more and more and a retail store is founded in Hannover, later also in Hamburg and Berlin. In addition to the Kumja jacket extension, MamaMotion has since the end of 2017 the in-house baby carrier MaMo, which is also manufactured in Vietnam.

In addition to its own products, MamaMotion also sells baby carriers from many other manufacturers, such as LimasBaby, Didymos, Emeibaby and Fräulein Hübsch, in its stores and online store.

Information about the baby carrier MaMo

I already wrote in the instructions that the MaMo is a modular baby carrier. You can order all parts of the baby carrier individually and therefore put together individually, as it suits you best. In the basic version, you need a waist belt, a pair of straps and a back section.

There are two different pairs of straps, padded or unpadded and fanable, as well as four different sizes for the back parts. In addition, you have the option to buy a headrest and belt protectors. The back parts are available in the following sizes: 50-62, 62-74, 74-86 and 86-104. Thus, the carrier is not so long usable within the individual back parts, but in the total usability, if the back parts are replaced, very long.

If you do not want to assemble the carrier completely, you can find various suggestions in the online store of MamaMotion.

Price-wise, the carrier in a basic configuration, as I described above, is 80€. This includes a pair of straps and a waist belt, which cost 30€ each, and a back piece for 20€. The headrest and harness protectors are 15€ each. With two back parts, the MaMo corresponds to many other carrying aids from the duration of use and is in the low to medium price range. However, for the following sizes only the price for additional back parts is added.

Presentation of the baby carrier in the video

In the following video I introduce you to the baby carrier once in detail. I show you different details of the carrier, how it is built and what makes it special.

More impressions of the baby carrier MaMo

Some details of the baby carrier I have additionally photographed for you and you can look at them below.

Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts während die Tragehife auf dem Boden liegt.Detailaufnahme des mittleren Druckknopfs, welcher lila ist während die anderen Knöpfe schwarz sind.Detailaufnahme der Befestigung des Rückenteils mithilfe von Druckknöpfen am Bauchgurt.Detailaufnahme der seitlichen BauchgurtschnalleDetailaufnahme des Trägeransatzes mit einem Gurtschoner.Detailaufnahme des gepolsterten Trägers.Detailaufnahme der gepolsterten und der auffächerbaren Träger im Vergleich.Detailaufnahme der Trägerbefestigung mithilfe von Druckknöpfen und einem <i>richtigen</i> KnopfDetailaufnahme der Kopfstützenbefestigung mithilfe von Druckknöpfen am oberen Ende des Rückenteils in einer kleinen Tasche.Detailaufnahme des Bauchgurts innen, wo Größenangaben zur Orientierung zu sehen sind.

Video presentation of how to assemble the baby carrier

Since I am often asked whether it is complicated to assemble the carrier and disassemble it again for washing, I would like to show that in a video once.

My experiences carrying with the MaMo

I have the baby carrier now for a little more than two years in my assortment for carrying consultations and could collect here already various experiences with the stretcher. In addition, I have used the MaMo with my daughter from birth and can also report on these experiences.

In the vast majority of cases, the MaMo fits very well from birth. In exceptional cases, with very delicate babies or premature babies, we still had to adjust the carrier a little, but this was no problem. For the future, I look forward to when the preemie pouch will be available, because this will still be a great addition, so that these adjustments would no longer be necessary.

The proportionate usable backs mean that babies sit very well in them within each size and there is little adjustment needed. This gives parents a sense of security and makes wearing and putting on the carrier very simple.

I found the sizes of the back sections to be suitable in each case and it was only very rarely the case that the proportions of the child were so different that it was necessary to change to the next size much earlier or much later.

Initially, some parents were overwhelmed with the assembly of the stretcher and were therefore rather averse. In many cases, however, this was no longer a problem after I had shown it. However, many also saw many advantages in the modularity:

When wearing I personally found the padded straps a little more comfortable, because these can be put on directly well on the shoulder and from the thickness of the padding is designed so that they do not stick out, but also no punctual pressure arises. If I put the unpadded straps neatly, they are also very comfortable. However, I found this to be a bit more cumbersome than the padded version in everyday life with two children.

In my babywearing consultations, it varied which carrier option was chosen. Somewhat more often the padded variant was chosen, some parents wanted to buy both pairs of carriers directly to be even more flexible.

I found the fixed waist belt very supportive and comfortable. It didn't pinch me, but I also had consulting parents who found the firmness uncomfortable. However, this is, like everything ultimately, a matter of taste.

I find it nice that I can optionally buy a headrest and belt protectors. With a lot of spitting up children belt protectors can be very handy. If I want to do sports with baby in the carrier, I find it more practical not to have an additional headrest at the front of the carrier. At the same time, I could always button it on when I realize I need it.

Ich trage eine Newborndemopuppe in der <cite>MaMo</cite> auf dem Rücken.Detailaufnahme des Brustgurtes beim Rückentragen.Aufnahme von hinten mit den gekreuzten gepolsterten Trägern, während ich die Demopuppe vor dem Bauch trage.Ich trage eine Demopuppe vor dem Bauch in der <cite>MaMo</cite> mit gepolsterten Trägern.Detailaufnahme der auffächerbaren Träger beim Tragen vor dem Bauch.Aufnahme des Trägerkreuzes der auffächerbaren Träger, während ich vor dem Bauch tragen.

Overall, the carrier grows with all back parts for a very long time. Price-wise, it is significantly cheaper than if I had to buy several carriers.

Washing and care of the carrier

According to the manufacturer, the carrier can be washed at 40 degrees, although it is recommended to separate the back part and the waist belt for this. For the Velcro on the back part is a counter Velcro as laundry protection.

It is practical with the MaMo that all parts are individually washable, so that I can wash, for example, only one carrier, the back part or the belt protectors if necessary.

My conclusion about the MaMo carrier

The MaMo from MamaMotion is a very well thought-out carrier. It is simple, easy to understand and fits many parents.

The modular system may seem a bit complicated at first, but on closer inspection it offers a lot of flexibility and is easy to assemble.

Due to the long usability, the price-performance ratio is really very good. In addition, the carrier meets all the criteria that should be met for ergonomic carrying. The best way to find out whether the carrier is right for you and your baby is to try it out at a babywearing consultation.

Eine weitere Aufnahme, wie ich eine Demopuppe vor dem Bauch mit den gepolsterten Trägern trage.Eine weitere Aufnahme von hinten mit den gekreuzten gepolsterten Trägern, während ich die Demopuppe vor dem Bauch trage.Aufnahme der <cite>MaMo</cite> mit auffächerbaren Trägern, während ich vor dem Bauch trage.

Your opinion

I have now presented the MaMo in some detail. Do you already know the baby carrier? If so, what are your impressions of the carrier - what do you particularly like, what do you not find so good?

Do you still have questions about the MaMo, which have not been clarified in my article? I look forward to reading about them in the comments!

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