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Natalie Clauss

How cesarean scars can heal [Part 1].

If you've been following the blog for a while, you may have noticed that my first child was born via c-section. C-sections leave scars. On the one hand, they leave the visible physical scar on the abdomen (and internally on muscles and uterus) and on the other hand, in many cases, they also leave scars on the soul. Especially if the C-section was not planned and one's own ideas and wishes went in a different direction, the C-section experience can be painfully remembered. I also had to go through this experience and would like to describe here how I learned to deal with it.

I have divided the article into two parts because otherwise it would have become too long. In this section I describe the physical scar of the C-section and the healing of the physical wounds. In the next part, I will discuss the psychological consequences and how the pain can subside. I make no claim to completeness or general validity. Rather, I describe here my personal experiences.

The physical scar

I would like to talk about the physical scar first, because the healing of this scar is usually much faster than that of the mental scar (if there is one). A cesarean section, medically called a sectio, is the second largest abdominal operation and should therefore not be underestimated. It is not a matter of course to be able to get up and walk again just a few hours after the birth.

Tissue has to heal, and depending on the type of operation, the course of the operation and individual wound healing, this sometimes happens faster and sometimes slower. After the operation, sutures are usually made both internally, with self-dissolving sutures, and externally. The external stitches are usually removed after 7 to 10 days, and what remains is usually a narrow, relatively short incision at the base of the pubis.

Initially, the wound is still crusty and scar tissue slowly develops, which is initially reddish. Once the wound is closed, the scar can be gently massaged to keep it elastic or make it elastic again. Adhesions quickly form here. Sometimes a special scar gel can help. Otherwise, simple oil or Bepanthen cream have also helped me. If the wound is already well healed, a scar tape (Kinesio Tape) can also support the further (internal) healing. Wound healing takes at least one year in total. During this year, the tissue continues to change and becomes more stable over time.

The scar often leaves behind a feeling of numbness in the area of the incision. Fortunately, I had no problems with this. But massage or other touch in this area can also help. At first, perhaps only strong stimuli can be felt, but usually the area becomes more sensitive again with time. And sometimes the numbness remains. Also, some women notice a change in weather on the scar in the form of pain.

Some things stay and some things get better. Scars will look different. Some scars heal beautifully so that only a narrow line is seen eventually. Others remain somewhat bulging and are easily visible. Some scars are short and deep, others longer and much higher. And they will always remind us of the birth of our child or children.

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