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Natalie Clauss

Miss Pretty Mei Tai and SoftTAI - What's different?

You've already heard about the carrier from Fräulein Hübsch (Mei Tai), but now you've also discovered the SoftTAI in the store and are wondering what the differences are between the two carriers?

In this article I will describe all the differences, from the price to the size, the waist belt, the back part and the straps.

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General information about the baby carriers from Fräulein Hübsch

The baby carriers Fräulein Hübsch Mei Tai and SoftTAI differ in various aspects and are similar in others.

seitliche Detailaufnahme der beiden Rückenteile

Both are available in two sizes: baby size and toddler size, which are supposed to be the same in terms of useful life according to the manufacturer. This is also reflected by the only minimal differences in the cut.

Price-wise, the stretchers are also the same, at 129€.

The belly strap

Regarding the waist belt, the Mei Tai by Fräulein Hübsch and SoftTAI differ in the length of the padding, the width, as well as the fabric.

In the SoftTAI, the pad is 3cm shorter compared to the Mei Tai. This is to fit very narrow women even better. In addition, the abdominal belt is 1cm narrower on the SoftTAI. Regarding the fabric, it is noticeable that the Mei Tai uses cotton fabric here, while the SoftTAI's belly strap is made of the same fabric as the back part.

In both carriers, the waist belt is "tiltable", that is, the buckles can be threaded around, so that the stretchers can also be used Apron to shorten the back part.

Also the same is the buckle (without safety clasp) and that I can tighten in both directions.

Detailaufnahem der BauchgurteDetailaufnahme der Unterschiede am Bauchgurtpolster

The bar adjustment

The bar adjustment of the two stretchers does not differ. It is done via Velcro on both carriers.

The back part

With regard to the back part, there are only minor differences in the cut, which are not noticeable at first glance, but only when the carriers are placed exactly on top of each other.

Detailaufnahme der beiden Rückenteile

The only noticeable difference is that the area at the back of the child's knees is padded in the SoftTAI, while there is no padding in the Mei Tai. The width of the back section can be adjusted in the neck area with a cord strap on both carriers.

Detailaufnahme des Kniekehlenbereichs

The headrest

There are no differences in the headrest's cut, function or adjustment options.

The headrest can be gathered with straps and cord stoppers. With the Babysize, there is the option of attaching the headrest relatively close to the back section with loops on buttons on the carrier. Thus, the back section can be extended. This option is not available with the Toddlersize.

Otherwise, the headrest is attached to loops on the carrier with a snap band on both carriers, regardless of size.

The straps

The straps of the two Fräulein Hübsch baby carriers differ directly at first glance regarding the fabric. In the SoftTAI, the same fabric is sewn here as on the back part and waist belt (and on many models also the headrest).

Detailaufnahme der Kopfstützen

In addition, the straps of the SoftTAI are cut 2cm narrower and the straps are shorter overall. On both carriers (on the Mei Tai this has also been added in the meantime), a strap with a snap fastener is sewn onto the carrier, which can be used to tie the carrier so that it fits better and there is a little more space for the child's head.


Detailaufnahme der TrägeransätzeDetailaufnahme der Unterschiede in der TrägerbreiteDetailaufnahme der Trägerstoffe

The Baby Carrier Mei Tai and SoftTAI from Fräulein Hübsch only differ in apparent small details, which however influence the carrying. These subtle differences mean that some parents like one or the other carrier better by far.

It is therefore impossible to say that one of the two carriers is better than the other. I would recommend, as with all baby carriers, to try them out before buying.

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