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Natalie Clauss

Mommy Mouse AIO (One-Size)

From the cloth diaper manufacturer Mommy Mouse I had read again and again, but had not yet had any of the cloth diapers in hand or even tested. Now I was allowed to try the All-In-One diaper from Mommy Mouse with my daughter. I received this diaper from

About the manufacturer

Mommy Mouse is a cloth diaper manufacturer from Poland. On the website I can read that the cloth diapers are produced in their own factory in Poland. This is Mommy Mouse 's way of counteracting the unemployment that is prevalent in the area.

When developing the diapers, it was important to the manufacturer that they are easy to use, soft and leak-proof. I can further read on the website that the diapers are very well thought out and have been extensively tested with children. The materials comply with the Oeko - Tex Standard 100.

About the store

The store is, as the name suggests, primarily an online store for cloth diapers and accessories. In the meantime, however, the store has grown significantly, so that I can also buy many products there for diaper-free or alternative monthly hygiene. I can also order plastic-free products for everyday use there. These include lunch boxes and water bottles.

Diaper description

Mommy Mouse AIO. Aufnahme der gesamten Windel, liegend auf einem weißen Untergrund.Mommy Mouse AIO. Aufnahme der Windel von innen.

The diaper from Mommy Mouse, which I was allowed to test, is an all-in-one diaper (short AIO), so a complete diaper. Here, wetness protection and absorbent material are directly sewn together tightly. The diaper is closed in two rows with three snaps each.

It is also a one-size diaper that grows with the size. The waist height can be reduced by two steps with snaps. According to the manufacturer, it can be used from 6 to 16kg. Price-wise, the diaper is 24,90€ at

The AIO has single leg cuffs, as well as elastic at the back. Both are designed to prevent leaks and provide a better fit. The diaper has a kind of pocket, open on both sides, as an absorbent layer. The additional absorbent pad can be put into this pocket, which is sewn on one side.


Mommy Mouse AIO. Detailaufnahme des Materials der Windel innen.

The material structure of the diaper is simple. The outer layer, i.e. the wetness protection, is made of PUL. The absorbent layer is made of 100% organic cotton. Cotton as a material is easy to clean and robust. More information about the properties can be found in my article on material science.

In the test

I was able to test the All-In-One diaper from Mommy Mouse in One-Size now in peace with my daughter and must say that it has now become almost my favorite AIO. During the test period (5-7 months, 6-7.5kg), my daughter was able to adjust it well and it hardly left any marks, even after wearing it for a long time.

Mommy Mouse AIO. Meine Tochter trägt die AIO von Mommy Mouse.Mommy Mouse AIO. Meine Tochter trägt die AIO von Mommy Mouse.

Since we mainly hold at home, I have used the diaper rather on the road. It has sufficed from the suction well over a period of three hours. The fabric seemed to be comfortable on the skin, so that even inside no marks of wrinkles or the like were visible.

We currently use the diaper on the medium setting in the waist height and it still fits very well here. I therefore think that it will continue to grow with us for a long time.

Washing and drying

According to the manufacturer, the diaper can be washed at up to 60 degrees. I had not noticed any peculiarities during washing. I took out the inner, sewn soaker pad for washing beforehand. If I do not put them in the pocket when putting on, the removal logically falls away. Drying took a bit less time compared to other all-in-one diapers because of the pull-out insert. So it took about three days in the winter.

Even after repeated washing, the fabric is still pleasantly soft.


I have to say, I am thrilled with this diaper. I find it absolutely recommendable. The cut fit my daughter very well and the absorbency and the Materilien have convinced me. Also, overall, it has a very good price-performance ratio.

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